Are You Making The Most Of £0 Returns From Royal Mail?

Royal Mail are now offering an additional £0 returns service to customers that wish to return their parcels – Parcel Collect! This provides customers with an alternative to their existing Drop Off and Parcel Postbox services, which means that there is an option available for everyone to make hassle-free returns.

What Are £0 Returns?

Firstly, what are £0 returns? £0 returns is a new service being offered by Royal Mail to reduce the hassle of returning parcels whilst simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint. This is a fantastic option for businesses looking to appeal to even more customers by offering hassle-free returns that they can complete without even leaving their front door – and at no cost!

How Do £0 Returns Work?

When your postie delivers your mail, they will be able to pick up any deliveries that you wish to be returned at the same time. This therefore reduces the number of journeys customers have to take in order to drop their parcels off for return. It is hoped that this will offer customers an even more convenient service that doesn’t see customers nor postal service workers go out of their way to make hassle free returns.

To further reduce carbon footprint, a confirmation email will be sent directly to customers once their return has been collected by Royal Mail. This also acts as a digital proof of postage, which is far kinder to the planet than a paper receipt.

What About Returns Labels?

These amends to Royal Mail returns will save businesses from having to send out returns labels with every order – instead, customers can obtain one from directly from their postie. This therefore means less hassle for businesses, reduced return label printing costs, and a reduction in waste. After all, only 30% of e-commerce and online orders are returned, which means that 70% of returns labels are wasted, making it kinder to the planet and better for your profits to omit them from your parcels altogether.

What If The Customer Isn’t Home?

In order to offer even more convenient options to their customers, Royal Mail are able to collect returns from nominated Safeplaces, or even from workplaces. As a result, returns are even simpler for those who won’t be at home when their postie visits.

Better Returns, Better Business

Offering an exceptional service to your customers even after they have completed their purchase is vital. In fact, a recent report from Klarna indicates that 92% of customers will make repeat purchases from businesses that offer a hassle-free returns service.

At Codestorm, we understand that the customer experience doesn’t end after we send their parcel. It’s the service we provide after the parcel has been delivered that sets us apart from the rest, and keeps your customers coming back for more. That’s why we’re delighted to hear that Royal Mail have been proactive in offering more sustainable and convenient options to customers. Our team are already prepared to start processing these hassle-free returns.

For more information on the services Codestorm offer, fill out the form below to contact a member of our team. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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