2022 In Review – Continued Fulfilment Success For Codestorm

The last year has certainly been an exciting whirlwind for Codestorm as our business accelerated significantly over the course of the last 12 months. We’ve welcomed new clients, watched them grow, and taken part in campaigns that have been huge successes for both us and clientele. Here’s our 2022 in review!

E-commerce Is Growing

E-commerce experienced impressive growth over the course of 2022, and that growth is expected to continue. It is anticipated that e-commerce will experience a compound annual growth rate of 11.2 per cent between 2021 and 2025, which is more than the anticipated national average.

This impressive trajectory is already beginning to take shape, with the latest e-commerce statistics from November 2022 indicating that online sales made up 30.2 per cent of all retail sales. This is a drastic improvement from just a few months prior, with August showing just 24.4 per cent of all retail sales come from e-commerce businesses. It’s no surprise that predictions suggest that e-commerce will be worth £260 billion by 2026. If you’re not in D2C already then fear not, the landscape is growing with new spaces, competitors and customers emerging consistently.

Welcoming Our New Clients

We’ve welcomed new starters, new clients and new facilities across 2022. We are especially proud to have collaborated with HIVED in 2022, the world’s first mass market emission-free parcel delivery network. For no increase in cost, our clients jumped at the opportunity to deliver with HIVED, whose impressive fleet of electric vehicles provide speedy product delivery that is environmentally conscious. It’s been a fantastic step forward for Codestorm, and we look forward to collaborating with HIVED into 2023 and continuing to optimise the ways we and you can mitigate our environmental impact. We also invested in improved frontline scanning technology, bespoke workstations and ergonomic workflows for our team, as well as advanced Knapp conveyors, to ensure optimal performance within our warehouses.

We were also delighted to welcome new brands to the Codestorm family. 2022 welcomed a huge list of new clients, all of whom have made impressive strides in their fulfilment game. We’ve been proud to welcome brands such as Waken Mouthcare, Tonic Health and Cannaray CBD. With 2023 already looking exceptionally promising, we’re excited to see who we partner with over the coming year!

Star Client Stories

We couldn’t write about 2022 in review without considering the immensely impressive achievements of our clients and partners, with each of them taking impressive strides towards improving their business output. We’re particularly proud of WWF’s partnership with Sky to create the #forcefornature campaign, which saw the distribution of seed cards across the UK with the aim of gathering pledges from the public to actively tackle climate change. Bottleshot Brew have also had an incredible year having featured on Dragon’s Den and secured investment which has accelerated their growth – no wonder they’ve been featured in Vogue, Forbes and Vanity Fair! Lastly, Candy Kittens have had an exceptional year: they’ve had a fantastic collaboration with Brewdog to create a delicious vodka, launched a ‘Festival Edition’ of their famous confectionary with CK Loves, and partnered with Ohh Deer for a mother’s day campaign. Candy Kittens are truly making remarkable strides, and we can’t wait to help them achieve their best year yet in 2023!

Our Growth

As e-commerce has grown, so has our productivity! We are immensely proud to have increased our average pick up order by a huge 30 per cent in just one year, with 31,000 items being picked every single day (including weekends!). For context, that’s one item every three seconds, with us picking and packing everything from Tarquin’s Gin to Canaray CBD to Candy Kittens confectionary. It’s certainly been exhausting and rewarding in equal measure, and none of this would be possible without our incredible team who work tirelessly every day to fulfil orders for our clients. We’re also proud of the continued development of our LINK platform, which we’ll be using throughout 2023 to empower teams, provide real-time data updates, and amplify transparency across your business operations.

2023 E-commerce Trends

The e-commerce space is developing quickly, bringing trends and advancements with every year. At Codestorm, it’s our job to keep up to date with the latest trends to ensure that your brand stays ahead of the game with impressive pick, pack, personalisation and sustainable post options.

As retailers look to engage consumers in every way possible, customised packaging is set to play a bigger role throughout 2023. As well as making sure packaging represents brands and makes products stand out from the crowd, it can also be used to take shoppers to digital platforms. Brands are able to create their own aesthetic and infuse their message into their packaging, creating a more comprehensive customer experience. Expect to see your favourite brands amp up their packaging game in 2023! Plus Codestorm have exclusive packaging options and a wide network of support if you need us too!

As an example, the inclusion of QR codes has proven particularly effective, creating limitless opportunities to further engage consumers. This is one of the ecommerce trends for 2023 we expect to see more of, alongside retailers make the most of packaging, seeing it as much more than a space for branding. Similarly, we anticipate more of an environmentally conscious twist on packaging in 2023 – this doesn’t just constitute easily recyclable packaging, or compostable components, but re-use. Repurposing your boxes and containers, as well as finished product components, is something we anticipate will be a huge trend in the coming year – expect to see hints and tips as to how you can re-use your packaging with your next order!

Lastly, Codestorm anticipate a surge in subscription options for brands across a range of sectors. We’ve seen the rise of subscription formats as a means of creating a relationship between brands and consumers wherein purchasers rely on and anticipate the brand’s products on a regular basis, making the brand a more important part of their daily lives. This form of purchasing requires a fulfilment expert that’s not just ahead of the trends to keep your customer’s interested, but is reliable in getting your products chosen, packed and distributed on time. That’s why many of our brands with subscription boxes, such as Tarquins and Tribe, choose Codestorm to fulfil their orders!

Ready for your best business year yet?

We’re confident that 2023 is set to be the best year yet for Codestorm, so why don’t you join us on our journey? Complete the form below and we’ll be in contact to see how we can help!

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