Codestorm Continue to Grow E-fulfilment Operations in 2022!

Expert e-commerce fulfilment services don’t just happen without careful planning, attention to detail and of course an incredible team – at Codestorm we’re always working hard to create innovation in everything that we do for our amazing e-commerce brands and Q2 has been no exception. In this, Codestorm’s quarterly round-up we’re bringing you the latest news hot of the picking belt on everything that’s happening at our e-commerce fulfilment HQ so grab a coffee and let’s get stuck in.

Enhancing our E-fulfilment operations

As any of our wonderful clients will tell you, innovation has always been at the core of Codestorm’s e-fulfilment services. Our flagship e-fulfilment technology LINK has been going from strength to strength in helping to grow and established brands to get actionable, clear and real-time visibility of their orders, stock control and inventory. But, as we all know data is only half of the story, delivering a real product experience is the ultimate goal and for many buyers that means they want quick, perfect and of course, cost-effective delivery, which is where we come in. Getting goods from pallet to pristine, personalised box and out to customers (and quickly) needs well planned, parcel perfect logistics in the background which is why in Q1 we invested further in our automation technology. We’re delighted to announce that our 200m Knapp automated conveyor belt is now fully operational and helping us to create a more streamlined process from pallet to pack.

Speaking of packs we’ve also deployed 10 brand new custom-built packing stations to make single, mixed fulfilment, personalisation and custom inserts all possible from the same packing station. In designing the new e-commerce fulfilment packing stations we’ve considered all elements of efficiency and ergonomics in tandem with our client’s e-commerce needs, some of the UK’s brightest brands choose Codestorm for their e-fulfilment and we believe that innovation is the key to helping these brands stay ahead of the competition.

The innovative custom-built packing stations are able to cater to practically any product need, from heavy goods like water, alcohol and other liquids in glass or can form, food including pre-packaged, mixed pack and multi-pack goods, skin care, mouth care, dental, aesthetics, and beauty products, confectionery and even vitamin supplements to name a few! Each of the 10 custom-built stations also combines mixed and variety pack creation as well as personalisation of product, inserts and supplementary promotional materials in addition to bespoke pack needs. We’re delighted to be one of the leading e-commerce fulfilment firms in the UK and will continue to develop our internal technology in line with emerging trends in e-commerce, helping our clients to deliver the best to their customers.

Codestorm Client’s win huge Dragon’s Den investments

Dragons DenWe’re always delighted to see our incredible clients growing their brands and doing amazing things for the retail sector as well as their communities but of course, it’s even better when even more people get to experience them for themselves. What better way to launch or grow a brand that the ever-popular Dragon’s Den…This year alone Codestorm e-fulfilment clients have seen huge investment from the dragons and we can’t wait to help them grow their operations across the UK.

The inimitable Annie Mitchell of Bottleshot Brew appeared on Dragon’s Den earlier this year to pitch for £80,000 investment in the award-winning range of cold brew coffees. Now the first canned coffee to win a Taste award, Annie and the team have been featured in Vogue, Forbes, Vanity Fair and Sheerluxe – creating an army of fans and shooting the brand into new heights. We’re delighted to help Annie and Bottleshot integrate Shopify into LINK to provide warehousing, storage, fulfilment and postage for the brand as they continue to grow this must-have brand.

Fearne & Rosie

If you haven’t heard of Fearne and Rosie by now then where on earth have you been? Founded by the delightful Rachel Kettlewell, the jam entrepreneur recognised some time ago that most of our supermarket jams and preserves were packed full of sugar and not suitable for children. With two children of her own, Fearne and Rosie, as you might guess, Rachel set out to create a range of jams and spreads that were not only better for you but also tasted great!

Fearne and Rosie

Rachel took the concept to Dragon’s Den in 2021 and received an offer from Vitamin supremo Tej Lalvani of £40,000 for 35% of the business, Rachel accepted the offer but revealed in a later interview that she’d decided in the aftermath and huge growth of the brand to take a different approach, working with seasoned industry investors and even launching in 152 Waitrose stores.

Fearne and Rosie have recently completed their first crowdfunding round raising an incredible £349k, 232% of their original target!

Codestorm is incredibly proud to be supporting Fearne and Rosie through their growth in D2C fulfilment, delivering end to end e-commerce fulfilment services and we can’t wait to see what Rachel has in store next.

Stay Sixty

Finally, in our Dragon’s Den hall of fame, we couldn’t neglect to mention the ones that walked away, the original reusable water bottle, Stay Sixty. Codestorm and Stay Sixty have partnered across e-commerce fulfilment for a number of years, integrating seamlessly with their e-commerce platforms.

Growing from strength to strength CEO Kirpal Bharaj said on building the brand “”I researched single-use plastics and found all the statistics that you hear about today. I also found out that you shouldn’t reuse plastic water bottles bought from shops, but I couldn’t find any bottles that I really liked.

“I like things to be designed well and appreciate a minimal aesthetic. A lot of the bottles on the market were poorly made and I found that most bottles on the market were not really aimed at men. The colour palette wasn’t right for me, and I didn’t want a flamingo or avocado on my bottle.”

Stay Sixty has been featured in Cosmopolitan, QC, The Guardian and many many more but they actually turned down an offer from Touker Suleyman telling Virgin’s Step Up programme; “We really enjoyed pitching,” Kirpal said. “We had practised, practised, practised. We received an offer from Touker Suleyman for a third of our business. It was a tough decision and we had to go to ‘the wall’ twice to discuss it, but, in the end, a third of the business was just too much to give away when we had invested so much time in the business ourselves to get us to a quality product. We don’t regret the decision and are really thankful for the opportunity and offer.”

Today you can find Stay Sixty on Amazon and and Codestorm are thrilled that the brand is growing from strength to strength.

Codestorm welcomes three new D2C fulfilment clients

E-commerce is growing and growing fast but getting it right first in the world of D2C fulfilment is what we excel at so we’re proud to announce that three bright new brands are joining Codestorm to grow their D2C fulfilment, as well as Fearne and Rosie and Westley Pets, Pale Fox Prosecco has also chosen Codestorm as their e-commerce fulfilment partner.

Pale Fox Prosecco are bringing elegance and connoisseurship to the world of prosecco with their iconic, beautiful and incredibly tasty single estate prosecco. Focused on quality, sustainability as well as being vegan friendly and low in sulphites Pale Fox Prosecco founded Harry Cooke and Marc Hill is set to take the world by storm with this exclusive, innovative brand. The premium brand has chosen Codestorm to support all areas of their D2C fulfilment including their subscription model which continues to grow from strength to strength, bespoke tissue packaging and gift packing to really elevate the brand to iconic status. Oh, and did we mention they do cocktails too? Welcome on board Pale Fox, we’ll see you at the bar!

Success story Westley Pets have also chosen Codestorm for their D2C offering and we’re absolutely thrilled to support them on their growth too. According to Westley their mantra is pretty clear “We exist to help enrich the lives of both dog & human.” Designed for both dogs and humans Westley think beyond the traditional in making walks with our four-legged friends a better, more practical, more together experience with their functional-first range of accessories. Their products aren’t the only things that’s getting the royal treatment, their customers are too with a comprehensive, expertly source range of bespoke packaging alongside Codestorm’s excellent D2C fulfilment services.

WWF create greener spaces with Sky

Our clients are always doing amazing things, from launching new product lines, new platforms or creating brilliant experiences but we couldn’t let this quarter go by without mentioning long term Codestorm client partner WWF. WWF in conjunction with Sky recently launched #Forcefornature a huge campaign fulfilled by Codestorm and sister firm ADM. The campaign which saw 50,000 seed cards sent challenged individuals to pledge their support for nature and join WWF and Sky in tackling climate change. Climate change and sustainability are core our values here at Codestorm, so much so that we work with our Chief Engineer Astrigimani to leverage recycled materials and sustainable processes across our own operation and have already switched out plastic tape to the much more environmentally friendly paper alternatives. Naturally then, we were delighted to support WWF and Sky in this program. The campaign was a huge success and by leveraging the latest in postal services as well as in house technology Codestorm also achieved a huge 70% on planned postal costs too.

So that’s it for our Q2 round up, from new technology to new clients, growth to saving and of course with more than just a dash of innovation we’ll get back to work helping our brands deliver incredible growth over the next quarter. If we can help you to drive e-commerce fulfilment forwards or would like to talk to our team about exploring how we can help then do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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