Codestorm delivers impressive Q3

Codestorm e-fulfillment delivers impressive Q3

2022 has already been a year of significant growth for everyone here at Codestorm, from an incredible start in January that saw the team deliver an outstanding 2021 performance we’ve been moving swiftly to make sure that this year is an equally record-breaking year. Whether you’re looking for the right e-fulfilment partner for your D2C business some inspiration for improving your e-commerce operation check out what we’ve been up to over the last quarter and some of the highlights and big teasers for Q4.

The importance of onboarding in e-fulfilment

Logistics and warehousing, ask any professional in D2C fulfilment or e-commerce and they’ll tell you that the right e-commerce fulfilment partner is absolutely key to making sure that their customers are happy, orders are delivered, and that inventory is well managed with costs controlled and waste kept to an absolute minimum. At Codestorm we’ve always ensured that our clients have absolute visibility, transparency, and control, through our industry leading e-fulfilment software LINK, but this year we’ve added a new dimension to helping you create a seamless e-fulfilment process with the acquisition of Julie Jakeman, our new On-Boarding Manager.

Julie, who joins us from sister company Advanced Direct Mail, has extensive experience in direct fulfilment, order processing and of course flawless on-boarding processes. Julie told us;

“The team have been doing an incredible job working with our brands to help them grow and create flexible, high performing and integrated fulfilment. As Codestorm continue to expand and clients like Quinola and Waken choose us as their e-fulfilment partner we are committed to adding value across their supply chain and distribution channels.

Within the onboarding process there are two distinct areas to consider, the digital stock data which we integrate seamlessly via LINK and, the too often overlooked physical stock data. For a truly performance driven e-commerce fulfilment to be accurate and effective both digital and physical data need to be exact mirror images from day one.

Too often many people don’t recognise the importance of managing the physical stock from day one. We work tirelessly to map SKU’s, barcodes, weights and even volumes and helping to support inventory measures and any remedial action to make absolutely sure that our brands deliver a world class experience for their customers from day one.

Our work doesn’t stop with new clients either, many of our clients are continuing to grow at rapid pace, so it’s important to the whole team at Codestorm that we onboard new products, different ranges, packaging changes and even new sales channels seamlessly.”

Julie’s wealth of knowledge and experience is just another step in our e-fulfilment value add for all of our clients and a key hub of information for anyone thinking about outsourcing e-fulfilment.

Codestorm Extend Environmental Steps with HIVED

D2C fulfilment is accelerating rapidly, with predictions of the e-commerce market growing by nearly 26% between 2021 and 2026 to an eye popping £260 billion. Whilst this may not be great reading for the high street or traditional bricks and mortar retail it could be a positive step for the environment.

Recent studies suggest that whilst e-commerce and e-commerce fulfilment extends into all sectors, convenience and commerce could be saving significantly on milage and car use. Amazon’s sustainability scientists suggest that for every 1 delivery van, 100 round trip car journeys are taken off the road – whilst the research is out there many of us might have reservations in context. All that aside, we at Codestorm are always striving to create new and innovative ways to support both our internal and our clients’ sustainability objectives. That’s why we’ve partnered with the world’s first mass market emission-free parcel delivery network, HIVED, to provide retailers with affordable and sustainable deliveries.

In addition to our already extensive internal sustainability programs and wealth of environmentally friendly packaging support the partnership with HIVED will enable brands that want to provide a more sustainable delivery option for their customers with a truly affordable alternative.

Murvah Iqbal, Co-Founder and Co-CEO at HIVED said:

“At HIVED, we are building emission-free parcel delivery at scale — greener, cheaper and better in every way. Partnering with Codestorm unlocks the next level of our journey, providing a whole network of retailers with a sustainable option for their Greater London deliveries”.

To read more about the HIVED partnership and realise the benefits in your own D2C e-fulfilment head over to the blog.


Well, it’s not quite Christmas but at Codestorm we certainly have our preparation underway. Christmas is without doubt one of the busiest e-commerce and e-fulfilment periods of the year. Many of you will already have your run up, Black Friday and Cyber Monday programs firmly pinned to the calendars and we’re here to make sure that all your customer orders are fulfilled with pin point personalisation and accuracy.

Here’s just a snippet of what we’ll be doing to help you:

  • Scheduling any kitting projects well in advance
  • Scaling our extensive permanent team ready for the peak
  • Increasing Operating hours to 7 days a week
  • Extending and scaling our working hours to 24/7
  • Working with you to factor and scale based on your forecasts
  • Aligning resource with your promotional schedule

E-fulfilment never stops and wherever you are in your journey we’re here to make sure that your orders go out without a hitch, on time, on budget, that’s the Codestorm difference.

Quinola join the Codestorm stable

Health is definitely a core trend in D2C and one that the experts here at Codestorm have been working with our clients on for many years, with established brands like Tribe and ManCave long term advocates. This quarter we’re welcoming another exciting new brand into the Codestorm family, welcome to Codestorm Quinola!

Already well recognised in both online and traditional retail, Quinola are stocked by major outlets including Ocado, Holland and Barratt and Sainsbury’s. This year the brand are making exceptional strides in their “generous revolution” but also expanding their reach into D2C, with a wealth of recommendations from our existing e-fulfilment clients Codestorm were the perfect partner for Quinola’s market leading range of healthy, convenient and of course, super tasty super grains.

Waken Mouthcare opt for Expert E-Commerce Fulfillment

Now that our tastebuds and bodies have been treated and cared for it was about time that our teeth got the 5* treatment too. Cue Waken Mouthcare, founded by industry veterans Simon Duffy and Rhodri Ferrier of Bulldog fame to create effective, more sustainable products that look great in our bathrooms! Waken, who have seen significant growth over the last 3 years, were fulfilling their D2C orders via a non-specialist D2C provider which had led to lack of value around postage and limited optimisation in other areas. After a number of discussions with Codestorm it was clear that our effective, industry leading solutions were a perfect match for the Waken Mouthcare business not just for today but as they continue their growth plans into the future…

We’re sure you’ll all join us in welcoming these incredible brands into the Codestorm family, we’re proud of our exceptional performance in D2C and continue to welcome new brands as they start or grow their own journey into D2C fulfilment. If we can help you solve a D2C challenge or just curious to learn more about our industry leading software LINK – get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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