Codestorm Expert D2C E-commerce fulfilment kicks off 2022 in style!

Following a massively successful 2021, the team at Codestorm are already celebrating some amazing e-commerce fulfilment performances with our brilliant D2C clients. We spoke to Codestorm’s Chief Technology Officer, Chris Tonks for all the incredible work already going on this year.

Dash Water strengthen their e-fulfilment flow.

Dash WaterFrom humble beginnings in 2018, with just a few SKU’s and the twinkling (or should we say sparkle) of future greatness Dash Water chose Codestorm for their e-fulfilment and we’ve been delighted to help them grow by a whopping 25x over the last few years.  Unlike many e-commerce retailers, Dash’s parcel net weight has always been slightly heavier than the norm so the experts at Codestorm have continuously innovated in both delivery and packaging to help Dash achieve consistently impressive levels of performance. As Codestorm and Dash continue their partnership into 2022 once again the team have been hard at work redesigning flows to create excellence in e-commerce fulfilment ensuring that the brand always comes first.

Chris Tonks told us “We’re delighted to see the growth for Dash Water and experience the close-knit of helping their brand from a fulfilment perspective, it’s always been important that we deliver their brand and engage to achieve their client-specific needs, every single time.”

Doisy and Dam win with ethical cocoa

This month we’re also celebrating with Codestorm client partner Doisy and Dam. The Vegan chocolate specialists and multi-award-winning confectionary brand are a joy to work with and we’re delighted to have supported them in yet another massive promotion. Many of our clients execute multiple promotions on a frequent basis so it’s important that Codestorm as their delivery partner are on hand and ready to deliver not just a box but a complete brand experience to their clients. Congratulations to Doisy and Dam who, after completing a flash sale offer, picked up a whopping 12k orders. To support this the team at Codestorm not only premade all the bespoke packaging in advance to support their promotion but also picked, packed and sent 12000 orders in one day.

As ever, our industry-leading E-commerce fulfilment platform, LINK, scaled effortlessly across all their channels to deliver a completely seamless service as always.

Candy Kittens are at it again…

It seems that Jamie Laing and everyone’s favourite Candy Kittens keep going from strength to strength too! Fresh from the success of their Golden Ticket promotion in the run-up to Christmas they’ve been at it again! We’re delighted to have supported the CK team in fulfilling 20k orders across 2 stellar promotions in addition to their ever-growing daily pick, pack and delivery too.

ManCave experience phenomenal D2C growth

Codestorm welcomed ManCave to the family back in 2019 and since launch, the male grooming supremo has gone from strength to strength. Back in 2019 Alex Grogan, founder of ManCave told us “It’s very difficult for us to find any areas of improvement having gone through the onboarding process with you. It was very simple and straightforward, we felt that you gave us the necessary dedicated attention to ensure this was the case and we have been really impressed by the Codestorm approach to date! So a big thank you to you, Jo and the rest of the team.”

ManCaveWhilst we also love compliments what really matters to us is helping our client partners grow. Our close-knit partnership with the team and ManCave has helped to deliver 30% growth for Mancave. Integrated seamlessly with ManCave’s Shopify D2C platform we’ve also helped them to identify opportunities for improvements and better performance across the supply chain. We asked Alex for his thoughts 3 years on, and this is what he told us…

“We partnered with Codestorm for our DTC logistics based on their in-house technology, dedicated customer service and ability to scale. They have consistently delivered across all these areas over the past years, we have seen 370% growth during that time and the teams support and dedicated has been fantastic.”

Well done to the ManCave team and congratulations on the phenomenal growth!

Finally, we’re also celebrating a return to business for a leading UK charity too – long-standing client partners and fully integrated with both our industry-leading LINK e-commerce fulfilment platform and extensive Direct Mail solution. This month alone the team at Codestorm have built 70k welcome packs for use at their national visitor centres, as this is the first year they’ve been open due to Covid these bespoke packs will be instrumental in maintaining a continued, loyal membership base.

Codestorm celebrate D2C e-commerce fulfilment growth with 4 new clients

It’s not just our clients that are celebrating growth, fresh from a stellar Christmas performance for our clients, we’ve also welcomed 4 new, incredibly bright brands to our family including Actiph Water and DuelFuel.

Actiph Water is Europe’s leading alkaline ionised water, supercharged to a pH of 9+, taking your hydration to the next pH level, their unique blend of flavoured vitamin waters and 8 key vitamins and minerals are taking the market by storm. Already stocked by Ocado and Holland and Barratt, Actiph is Europe’s first ionised, alkaline water and making huge waves in both traditional distributions and of course within the D2C market.

Jo told us “We’re delighted that Actiph have selected Codestorm as their D2C e-commerce fulfilment partner, after extensive due diligence in 2021, January 2022 the time was right for the growing brand to make the move to us – and it was clear that we were the natural partner to provide the scope and the growth that they need and were also able to offer a very attractive range of postage services and prices”

We’re also delighted to welcome Tim, Mike and the whole DuelFuel team to Codestorm’s growing family of e-commerce leaders. Self-confessed weekend-warrior sports enthusiast and highly accomplished elite sports nutritionist Tim and Mike have created a sought-after line of innovative pre, during and post-workout nutrition bars that support elite and amateur athletes alike. Loved by many and on a huge growth trajectory, we’re thrilled to support DuelFuel in their D2C logistics and spoke to Tim as to why he chose Codestorm for our expert e-commerce fulfilment.

Accelerating E-commerce Fulfilment with advanced technology

Since its launch, Codestorm has always pioneered new technology, from our industry-leading LINK – eCommerce fulfilment software to best in class pick, pack, and personalisation throughout our fulfilment sites. This year we’re investing in new in-house automation to achieve new highs in performance from our teams, including new scanning technology from Zebra Technologies and a 200m Knapp Automation automated conveyor belt that will bring new efficiency opportunities to Codestorm’s already optimised operations.

Investing in e-commerce automation

The best-in-class Knapp conveyor will help ensure that the Codestorm pack team will be in the most efficient and ergonomic positions possible to maximise time and drive performance for our eCommerce fulfilment clients.  We’re not neglecting the picking team either! We’ve just invested in new frontline scanning technology to help our pick team speed up the pick operation, scan faster and help our clients to process orders in record times too.

It doesn’t end there either! 2021 wasn’t just a record year for many Codestorm e-commerce clients but for our teams too, with 2.3 Million orders fulfilled and a whopping 11.5 Million picks! To continue our record-breaking performance we’re optimising the facilities with bespoke trolleys and pack benches as well as optimising the site flow for better efficiency too. Both the pack benches and bespoke trolley are designed to cater for every facet of e-commerce delivery, from screen positioning, label printing and ergonomic considerations. Coupled with our improved wave picking solutions we’ll be helping all our D2C e-commerce clients create continual improvements across the board.

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