Delivery E-fulfilment Success – Q4 Round Up

As we approach the festive season and with the busiest time of year in sight Codestorm’s team have been hard at work to ensure that our clients are in the optimal position to succeed and grow in the final stages of this calendar year. Most importantly we’re looking to 2023, creating an ideal outsourced delivery e-fulfilment environment for success with some exciting growth, new developments and expansion of our teams to help serve you and your customers in new and innovative ways. So…without further ado, let’s dive into the Codestorm Q4 Round-Up.

Expanding Your Facilities

We’re delighted to announce that we’re growing our warehousing and storage space in our Midlands facility to create a more efficient pick, pack and post environment. The new facility will seamlessly connect to our existing warehousing and e-fulfilment function providing an additional 20,000 sq ft of storage space.

This additional facility will enable Codestorm and our D2C brands to deliver exceptional opportunities for additional personalisation, kitting, mixed selections and additional bespoke packaging too.

This expansion has been driven by continued growth of both our key clients and recent new additions to the Codestorm client family and is a welcome step in building a significant central presence for all e-commerce fulfilment.

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Expanding your team

This quarter we’re welcoming some new faces to the Codestorm Team and celebrating some internal promotions too:

Nicola Ray – Customer Account Manager

Nicola joins the Codestorm team as a Customer Account Manager, with extensive experience across sectors Nicola has spent almost 15 years working with customers in time-critical and customer-sensitive environments. Bringing a wealth of functional and organisational skills to the team Nicola will work closely with both our client service team and our clients directly to help them achieve their objectives and drive innovation at all levels. Talking to us about her appointment Nicola told us “I’m excited to join such a well-established and well-regarded team and of course to work with the brightest of the UK’s e-commerce brands. Online retail has always been a fast-moving sector and is predicted to grow significantly over the next 5 years, and it’s vital that our clients are well prepared to capitalise on the trends in the market and that we are creating a competitive advantage in e-fulfilment to make that happen.”

Hayley Knight – Operations Manager

After joining Codestorm back in 2021 Hayley has been instrumental in some of our key developments this year. She is committed to ensuring world-class service levels in all areas of our e-fulfilment. Hayley told us “Codestorm’s technology enables our clients to reach new highs in their e-fulfilment provision, creating excellent customer care and brilliant customer experiences. I’m proud to help our clients deliver great experiences for their customers and to help them create real game-changing improvements across their D2C e-fulfilment. Working alongside the technical and customer service teams to optimise our environment for our clients is a key mission for me and one I’m committed to as we grow over the next 5 years.”

At Codestorm we’re delighted to be welcoming these two senior appointments into the team and will be sharing more innovation and enhancements as we continue our growth together.

Codestorm expand with new brands

Cannaray CBD choose Codestorm for D2C e-fulfilment

Cannaray CBD Brand

Widely associated with their brand ambassador Claudia Winkleman, Cannaray are breaking the mould and the records where all things CBD are concerned. With e-commerce as the primary growth platform, it was vital that Cannaray selected a partner with extensive experience in warehousing, pick, pack and delivery – that could ensure their clients whether existing or brand new to CBD received an excellent fulfilment experience. After a rigorous selection process and in-depth analysis of the current and future needs of the brand as well as personalised demonstrations of Codestorm’s LINK e-fulfilment platform Cannaray chose to partner with Codestorm for our proven SLAs and end-to-end solutions. We’re excited to be part of the growth of Cannaray in 2023 and beyond.

Tonic Health find their perfect partner with Codestorm

Tonic Health

US Vitamin and Supplement magnate Tonic Health joined the Codestorm family this quarter after selecting us as their D2C e-fulfilment partner in the UK. Sunna van Kampen, Founder and “Biohacker” found himself, like many of us, struggling with energy levels at work. Unable to find a solution via traditional supplements and products, Sunna created Tonic Health to provide a significantly different range of Health boosting products that really work. Lauded by the public and the media alike, Tonic Health launched in the UK to bring this innovative thinking to a rapidly growing market. After recommendations from our already impressive client family and seeing the power of our real-time e-fulfilment platform Tonic Health selected Codestorm to support their growth in the UK and beyond.

Codestorm expand with new brands

Most, if not all D2C e-commerce brands will be naturally targeting returning and repeat custom so in this quarter’s round-up we’re bringing you some quick tips and masterclasses in creating repeat custom through seasonality.

We’re all familiar with the impact of seasonality, in fact, it’s something we’re passionate about, so much so that we’ve created a brand new piece of research to help guide you through the trends (check that out here). Many e-commerce brands find that often, despite investment in marketing, advertising and a variety of promotional activities they typically feel the impact of consumer habits throughout the seasons.

As brands grow and focus on creating loyalty within a defined set of products we also need to be mindful that customers (as we all are) want variety and we’re all subject to the “exclusivity” factor. In addition to creating interest and exclusivity, seasonal products or seasonal varieties of your existing products can be a great way to reapproach existing audiences and entice them back to your stores. Tarquin’s Gin, for example, a long-standing client partner of Codestorm, create different flavours in line with the seasons, including a Lemon Sherbert Gin this month. In the spirit (get it, spirit?) of Christmas they launched their Festive Figgy Pudding and Sloe Gin a festive favourite among Gin aficionados, this alignment with the festive seasons not only creates great opportunities for gifting but also gives loyal Tarquin customers a great reason to come back time and again especially for short batch runs.

Candy Kittens similarly make the most of all seasonal opportunities – from Easter to Halloween and of course Christmas. For Halloween, they’ve focused on existing flavours bought to the fore in line with the season and aesthetically matched with the Halloween orange and black colours. As well as colour matching and seasonal editions many brands add additional lines to extend the festive range, for example, Christmas Crackers by Tarquin’s, and advent calendar by Candy Kittens. But what about if your product doesn’t vary as much by season? What about healthcare or vitamins or CBD?  Well, aside from the “dieting” and not-so-dieting seasons we typically see there are product options that can support your alignment and growth in line with seasonal trends. From product sleeves to belly bands around existing products or kit-boxed variety packs – seasonality is around to stay and we’re here to help you maximise every opportunity for exceptional e-commerce fulfilment. If you’re planning to align with seasonality or would like to chat with our team about how we can help you to do so, please get in touch.

And with that we’re at the end of our final round-up of the year, it’s early to say but we wish you and your loved ones all a happy and relaxing festive break and a very prosperous 2023. If we can help you make 2023 a more effective, efficient and profitable one with our e-commerce fulfilment solutions then do get in touch we’d love to help.

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