Get Your E-Commerce and Shipping Packaging Right, First Time

Diamondpak provides some of Codestorm’s clients such as TRIBE, Peppersmith and OFFBLAK with a comprehensive design, manufacture and printing service covering cardboard shipping boxes, promotional packaging, and more intricate, protective packaging solutions.



They have an unrivaled knowledge of the cardboard packaging industry and provide our clients with excellent advice.

Becky Price is Diamondpak’s Business Development Manager, and we asked her to provide some top tips for clients looking to get their new packaging solutions right, first time.

Think about packaging early on

Despite packaging being an essential part of any online transaction, it is, unfortunately, an afterthought for some businesses. A lot of time is dedicated to developing products and marketing them but it’s vital that time and effort is invested in packaging and shipping boxes early on.

The recent surge in e-commerce and raw material shortages have increased corrugated packaging lead times.

E-commerce packaging needs to be planned before you pick your launch date as you may find that it’s unachievable. Lead times can be up to 4 to 12 weeks now. Before it was 7-10 working days for standard FEFCO boxes such as 0201 packaging boxes.

The earlier you sort out your packaging, the better.

Keep your packaging designs simple

The more complex the design, the more hand assembly is required by Codestorm to put it together. This adds to your fulfilment costs.

It’s nice to have a wow factor box but sometimes keeping it simple can looks just as impressive and can keep packing/assembly cost down.

Choose conventional box sizes

Designing which packaging which goes outside conventional sizes can push packages into higher than necessary postage cost brackets. Keeping within set sizes keeps down transit costs and can improve your profit margins.

Keeping box sizes and transit costs in check makes better business sense, even if it means you might get less in the box than you ideally wanted. It’s about finding that balance.

For example, Royal Mail’s Letter, Large Letter, and Parcel dimensions and weights are below.

Royal Mail Sizes

Select sustainable packaging

FSC LogoCustomers certainly expect their products to arrive with sustainable packaging now. Consideration of the environment is crucial. Always choose FSC certified cardboard that can be recycled.

There’s more about Sustainable and Bespoke Packaging in our blog here.

Paper has been in extremely short supply since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Paper prices have increased dramatically and this is having a knock-on effect on cardboard prices too. Minimise waste to keep your packaging costs down and we can help with this.

Maintain your packaging stock levels

Always keep a level of stock, where possible. Buffer packaging orders to allow for spikes in demand especially during your major selling seasons like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas.

Be realistic. The packaging market is still feeling the after-effects of covid shutdowns. Supply chains have been affected. It’s like dropping a stone in a lake – the ripples stretch out far and wide. We will be feeling the impacts of this well into 2022 but communication between all parties is key. Together we get you the perfect packaging solutions.

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