E-Commerce Personalisation & New Personnel In Codestorm Q1 2023

2023 is well underway and Codestorm are proud to have started the year with a string of new appointments, successes and additions! Here’s what we’ve been up to over the past three months…

WWF Expand Their E-Commerce Habitat

For 2023, Codestorm have drastically enhanced our warehouse space by upgrading our existing facilities, adding new packing stations, and providing even more square footage to enhance the scale of our services and capacity. This boost to available warehouse space has been of particular benefit to our long-time client, WWF, who we have proudly worked with for over fourteen years. Ben Adaway, Head of Support Services at WWF, said of Codestorm’s ability to scale its services:

Codestorm undertake our general daily fulfilment including adoption and membership packs, pick and pack our eCommerce retail products, and support our Community Fundraising and Events fulfilment. They do so with ease and simplicity and a particular strength is their ability to scale upwards at pace on demand, and for us, that’s particularly important.

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A Warm Welcome To A New Team Member

This year, we’re delighted to have welcomed our new account manager Steph to the growing Codestorm team. As our newest team member, Steph will be on hand to provide the exceptional customer support Codestorm are renowned for, and will be working closely with new and existing clients to help them get the most out of their e-commerce fulfilment.

Pack Stations Receive An Upgrade

Since 2022, Codestorm’s packing stations have received an impressive upgrade that allows us to pick, pack and dispatch items from one location. This means less movement of product, which has improved our efficiency significantly, allowing us to speed up our processes whilst providing the same level of exceptional service. We’ve also implemented auto photography at our stations which gives us the ability to scan and track orders that have left our warehouses with increased precision, providing our clients with increased order visibility.

Greater E-Commerce Personalisation Options

We’re excited to announce the addition of Matt Wall, Print and Personalisation Manager to our growing team!

Matt brings over 10 years of experience in the print and personalization industry to our team and has extensive knowledge of both print and e-fulfilment. In Matt’s previous role he’s been at both ends of graphic design and high-volume print to create personalized products for a variety of clients across the industry.

Matt is a highly skilled and experienced professional with a proven track record of success. Passionate about his work and always looking for new ways to improve the print and e-commerce personalisation process. We are confident that Matt will be a valuable asset to our clients and will help us to continue to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services. In his spare time, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, staying ahead of technology trends and of course football (although we wont tell you his team!)

We welcome Matt to the team and look forward to working with him in the years to come to create exceptional e-commerce personalisation options for our clients!

E-Commerce Trends To Watch Out For

Subscription Services

January brought along the ‘new year, new me’ trend that encouraged many consumers to dive head first into new experiences and resolutions, with many choosing to opt for subscriptions to encourage them to stay on track in the long-term. From taking supplements to stay healthy, to indulging in coffee subscriptions to try something new every month, the subscription format is gaining traction at a rapid pace thanks to its reliability and cost-effectiveness. What’s more, trend insights suggest that the e-commerce subscription trend is set to grow by a CAGR of 71 per cent from 2023 to 2028, demonstrating how lucrative this purchasing format is set to become. With many of Codestorm’s partners already producing successful subscription offerings, such as Vitl, Tribe and Candy Kittens, we expect to see more businesses opt into providing subscription services.

Improved Order Tracking

In 2023, we are all used to having information provided to us in the click of a button, which has changed customer expectations. Without sufficient order tracking, your customers can become impatient and lose trust in your product and services. That’s why real-time order and shipment tracking is set to become a dealbreaker for many consumers who demand increased order visibility. After all, with 96 per cent of customers stating that they check their order updates after shopping, anything less than absolute clarity on their order status is insufficient. That’s why Codestorm provide real-time, transparent data that allows us to track orders from the moment they are placed until the moment they reach your customer’s door.

Social Commerce

Modes of purchasing have changed dramatically over the past few years, with the dawn of the pandemic demonstrating that e-commerce was a reliable form of obtaining products without leaving home and exposing yourself to potential health hazards. As online shopping became the new normal, social media platforms began to reshape themselves as shopping applications that provide consumers with tailored product recommendations based on their engagement behaviours. With brands providing exclusive deals via TikTok and Instagram, and developers integrating features whereby products can be tagged into social media posts, businesses have been receiving an influx of social commerce orders. This trend isn’t showing any signs of phasing out, with the latest research indicating that product sales made via social media platforms will amount to $2.6 trillion by 2026, making social commerce a key facet to the future of e-commerce.


Looking for your e-commerce fulfilment partner? Want to upgrade your e-commerce personalisation options? With years of experience in providing exceptional direct to consumer fulfilment services, Codestorm are proud to be kicking off the year with a string of successes – but we’re far from finished with 2023! To find out more about how Codestorm’s services can transform your business and accelerate your growth, contact us via the form below:

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