Visibility, Flexibility and Accuracy

Fast, flexible, expert e-commerce fulfilment services

Simplify your fulfilment across multiple channels with dedicated fulfilment from Codestorm


Since 2014 Codestorm has provided expert e-commerce fulfilment solutions to some of the brightest brands in the online retail space – helping them to deliver their promises to customers. Our state of the art warehouse facilities and world-class fulfilment solution, LINK, ensures your customers’ orders are processed accurately and efficiently; take the stress out of inventory and order management with Codestorm, so you can focus on what’s essential, delivering high-quality customer service and empowering growth in your business.

Whether you’re taking your first steps into outsourcing your e-commerce and logistics or looking for a fulfilment provider to help you scale your growth, Codestorm is here to help. Our e-commerce centre is the first choice for to 100’s of growing and established brands, and Codestorm has been instrumental in unleashing their full potential in an often crowded market. Our UK-based fulfilment services centres, based in the heart of the West Midlands and extensive postal partnerships ensure fast delivery to your customers no matter where they are.

We believe the best e-commerce fulfilment solutions start with understanding our clients’ challenges. If you’re ready to begin your journey to more cost effective, hassle-free and seamless e-commerce fulfilment, talk to us today.

Fulfilment challenges we solve

Service & Cost


E-commerce Fulfilment you can count on every time

Delivering an expert fulfilment service takes time, expertise and precise attention to detail to perfect, but that’s precisely what you should expect from your fulfilment partner, and that’s exactly what we do at Codestorm. We’ll help you cut out cost wherever possible and make sure that you’re never paying more for post than you should thanks to our extensive carrier relationships. 

Reducing Complexity


Expert E-commerce Fulfilment without the hassle

With Codestorm scaling up and adapting to new environments is quick, simple and seamless. Outsource your e-commerce fulfilment and combine expert pick, pack and personalisation seamlessly with real-time, fully-connected insights. Don’t take our word for it either, see how Tribe expanded their SKU’s by 150% and grew their market share in the process with Codestorm.

Real-time Visibility


World Class E-commerce Visibility – wherever you are

As your fulfilment provider, we help you to understand what’s going on with orders, inventory and customers in real-time. Get quality data and insight to make fast, well-informed and relevant decisions that optimise your business. We’ll help you get clear insight on inventory, orders and stock levels and seamlessly integrate with your e-commerce platform(s) too.

Connecting Data


LINK, our fully-integrated e-commerce fulfilment platform

Our simple-to-use, industry-leading software platform provides a fully-automated warehouse and order management system and integrates seamlessly with your existing e-commerce platform – all in real-time. Get data on the go, feed your teams with all the info they need on real time orders and do it from wherever you are in the world too!

How we do it

At Codestorm, we’re powering the growth of major e-commerce brands with exceptional pick, pack, post and personalisation services AND we supercharge growth through our industry-leading inventory, shipping and fulfilment app for e-commerce, LINK.

LINK is your all-in-one platform for unlocking insights that power your e-commerce fulfilment. Your data is housed in a secure, always-available fulfilment system, check in whenever you need to on desktop, tablet or mobile – LINK gives you and your teams all the real-time information required to delight your customers and deliver their goods.

Connect all your sales channels, brands and product groups in one place

See and control all orders in one, simple to use platform

See all your data from order notification to despatch in real-time

Manage and maintain your inventory including batches in real-time

Automatically connect to the best-value shipping services

Control and edit order personalisation with powerful integration

Track, report and notify customers simply with inbuilt communications

Understand and get ahead of exception tracking

See live SLA, tracking, billing and spend data on demand in real time


Powering the next generation of e-commerce superstars

We’re one of the best fulfilment service providers from the UK and beyond, trusted by the brightest, most exceptional brands to deliver their promises. We take that trust seriously, quality is in our DNA, and we understand how much fulfilment matters. But don’t take our word for it; let’s hear from partner brands, including confectionary giant Candy Kittens, sports nutrition leader Tribe and the ever-popular luxury brand Tarquin’s Gin.

Over 100 fast-growing e-commerce brands trust Codestorm to support their e-commerce growth across the entire fulfilment management process and supply chain – from handling goods inwards, managing warehousing and inventory, secure storage, personalisation, pick-pack-despatch and across all returns and restocking management – Codestorm help you make fulfilment simple, hassle-free and cost-effective.

We are one of the leading order fulfilment companies, providing your retail business e-commerce fulfilment services with a heavy focus on logistic fulfilment. Our fulfilment centre for e-commerce is designed to make your parcel fulfilment simple, hassle-free and cost-effective.

As your fulfilment service provider, we support you with our powerful LINK platform, giving you unrivalled real-time visibility across your entire operation. That’s your brand, our difference.

Expert E-Commerce Fulfilment

E-commerce Fulfilment that empowers your teams to deliver

Tired of managing your own fulfilment, running out of space to deliver, or looking for better from your fulfilment solution? Consider Codestorm as your third-party logistics superhero! Our e-commerce fulfilment specialists have over 100 years of deep, practical experience in logistics, inventory, shipping, and order management. With over 60,000 sq. ft of state-of-the-art, secure modern warehousing, our team delivered over 1.4 million orders with 9.8 million items for our partner brands in 2021, all made possible with the best inventory, shipping and order management software for e-commerce.

We’re not just any old fulfilment provider – we’re the best e-commerce fulfilment specialists in the business. Here’s what sets us apart:
  • We empower management teams with the best e-commerce fulfilment services and operations management.
  • We enable real-time access to e-commerce fulfilment data so you can make better decisions based on what’s happening.
  • By outsourcing e-commerce, we deliver the best service with exceptional Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • We provide the best shipping software for e-commerce and multi-channel fulfilment to ensure seamless delivery for your operations team.
  • Actionable insights to your e-commerce fulfilment to enhance customer service and contact centre performance.
  • Putting customer data at your fingertips
  • We offer e-commerce fulfilment specialist services to support your marketing activities and product development.
  • We deliver high-quality third-party logistic support to create more robust and insightful relationships with your customers

Why our partners chose Codestorm for e-commerce fulfilment


Candy Kittens choose Codestorm for Expert Fulfilment

Since 2019 Codestorm have supported Candy Kittens’ rising e-commerce growth. From pick and pack, warehousing and detailed personalisation Codestorm are a core partner for Candy Kittens D2C offering and regularly provide bespoke promotional activities including Kitting and Co-Packing, fulfilling a record 18000 orders in 48 hours.

Expert E-fulfillment

Codestorm provides exceptional Tribe Fulfilment

“They provide both fantastic fulfilment and customer service. With every Tribe pack personalised to each customer we have increasingly complex fulfilment needs. The full team have helped us evolve and delivered to a consistently high standard.” With our support, Tribe expanded from 10 SKUs to 25, as well as significantly reducing their postage costs. All while helping to maintain the company’s reputation for excellent customer service.

Expert E-fulfillment

Sustainable E-Fulfilment for Mancave

Men’s cosmetics provider, Mancave have chosen Codestorm as their e-fulfillment partner for more than 5 years, helping the brand to grow consistently across multiple channels and supporting exceptional performance peaks throughout promotional campaigns. As well as warehousing, stock management and pick solutions Codestorm also source and bespoke packaging that aligns with the brand’s ethos.


Game changing Fulfilment for WWF

The introduction of LINK was a game-changer for WWF, our team and more importantly our supporters; enabling us full visibility of every process step, stock control, quality monitoring and audit trailing as well as the ability to provide after-sale updates direct to purchasers and supporters through their email platform.

See what’s possible with Codestorm

Let us take the hassle out for D2C e-commerce fulfilment – our expert team are here to help you grow your business with better, smarter, more efficient e-commerce solutions.

Book a demo and we’ll show you how easy it is to take control of your entire fulfilment process.

Direct mail services for membership and subscription based online businesses

E-commerce Fulfilment you can count on

To perfect an expert fulfilment service takes time, expertise and precise attention to detail – but that’s precisely what you should expect from your partner and what we do at Codestorm.

Using our industry-leading LINK platform, we receive accurate time order notifications from your sales channels. Our expert team then pick packs and personalise your orders quickly and carefully. Our state-of-the-art scanning technology connected with LINK means that you can see, in real-time, exactly where your order is in the fulfilment process.

Getting the customer experience right is a crucial priority for growing retailers, and we know that it doesn’t stop at your sales channels.  Delivery, especially cost-effective, efficient, and seamless delivery, can give retailers a substantial competitive advantage – that’s why we leverage our longstanding carrier relationships with Parcelforce, DPD and other major carriers to provide you with the absolute best in service, all whilst keeping costs low.


World Class E-commerce Fulfilment Visibility

Understanding what’s happening with your orders, inventory and customers in real-time is mission-critical for your e-commerce businesses.

Without quality data and insight, we know it’s almost impossible to make fast, well-informed, relevant decisions that optimise your business. That’s why we built Codestorm on Visibility, Flexibility and Accuracy.

Any delay in data is a delay in action

At Codestorm, we believe that all our client partners should have complete transparent visibility of their business at every level; that’s why our industry-leading LINK software lets you see in real-time all the data that matters to you, including;

  • Complete inventory
  • Orders – live
  • Pick and Pack status
  • Personalisation status
  • Delivery and tracking data
  • Returns data
  • Brand data
  • Product data
  • SKU insight
  • SLAs in real time
  • Spend

We’ll also work with you to help analyse trends in your business and help you grow with your dedicated Account Management team, helping you identify opportunities to delight your customers daily with expert e-commerce fulfilment solutions.

Our bespoke, industry designed software platform provides a fully-automated warehouse management system and integrates seamlessly with your existing e-commerce platform.


Fast, effective and infinitely connected LINK is Codestorm’s industry leading e-commerce fulfilment platform and the powerful engine behind some of the UK’s brightest e-commerce brands. Directly connect through our open API’s directly into major platforms or work with our experienced technical team to custom integrate with first party data sources, CSV and XML data streams.

Unlike other tools LINK is designed purely for e-commerce retailers to bring together quickly and simply all the tools that you need to scale your business today and tomorrow.


  • Track and view your entire inventory in detail
  • See and understand live data in real time
  • Quickly and easily load new communication templates to your customers
  • View and analyse order, pick, pack and personalisation data live
  • Intelligent parcel routing for least cost delivery

With LINK on your side and the state of the art Codestorm fulfilment facilities at your disposal scaling you business into new high growth areas is simple, hassle free and easy.

They provide fantastic fulfilment and customer service. With every Tribe Pack personalised to each customer we have increasingly complex fulfilment needs, the full team have helped us evolve and delivered to a consistently high standard.
Expert E-commerce Fulfilment made simple

Expert E-commerce Fulfilment made simple

E-commerce is fast, trends change, best sellers shift and products evolve.  Staying ahead and on top in the e-commerce world means having a partner that can flex, change and adapt to your market as quickly as you do.

With Codestorm scaling up and adapting to new environments is quick, simple and seamless.

  • Quickly switch on new sales channels and connect them directly to LINK
  • Simply create and launch new product and bundles
  • Seamlessly provide personalisation with our extensive personalisation options
  • Adapt to changing stock/ SKU and product demands with Codestorm’s flexible, practical approach

Whether you’re taking your first steps into outsourcing your E-commerce fulfilment or looking for a partner that can help you scale your growth Codestorm can help. Our expert, experienced team have help over 100 growing brands to unleash their potential and create huge value from their e-commerce fulfilment.

Shipping nearly 1.5 million parcels every year takes accuracy, speed and an exceptional approach to logistics. From our two fulfilment hubs, strategically placed in the Centre of the UK, Codestorm help the UK’s brightest brands to streamline their entire B2c and D2C fulfilment, bringing world class insight, complete, real-time stock and order visibility and intelligent cost savings directly to your business.

Working with the UK’s leading carriers to ensure absolute care and attention to each parcel we pick, pack, personalise and deliver – Codestorm take the hassle and unnecessary cost out of delivering your promises.

See what’s possible with Codestorm

Let us take the hassle out for D2C e-commerce fulfilment – our expert team are here to help you grow your business with better, smarter, more efficient e-commerce solutions.

Book a demo and we’ll show you how easy it is to take control of your entire fulfilment process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which e-commerce sales platforms does your software integrate with?

Yes, we are D2C specialists and our bespoke e-commerce fulfilment software, LINK, integrates with all e-commerce platforms and channels such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Not On The High Street and Amazon.

What other platforms and sales channels do you fulfil orders for?

We fulfil our clients’ Amazon FBM, NOTH and trade orders.

Does LINK sync with Inventory Management systems?

Some of our current clients sync their stock levels back to inventory management systems such as Unleashed.