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Making Fulfilment Easy

Our team of experts are always on hand to guide you towards fulfilment success. Whether you’re a novice or familiar with the fulfilment landscape, we’re here to add value.

Accelerate Growth

Don’t let fulfilment troubles hold back your business growth. With vast warehouse space and advanced fulfilment technologies, we’ll take care of day-to-day fulfilment while you focus on the bigger picture.

Unlock Cost Savings

We’ll always find the best prices and carrier for your postage and advise on maintaining cost-effectiveness at every stage, no matter what you’re shipping. And we’ll auto update the best shipping options to keep your costs low too.

Whether you’re selling food and beverages, health and beauty products, or branded subscription boxes – let Codestorm upgrade your fulfilment process, no matter your product.

The e-commerce landscape has evolved quickly over the past few years, driving change across the fulfilment sector to meet these advancing needs. We understand that our clients demand a fulfilment service that is fast-paced, transparent and offers businesses to scale at their own pace without being held back. Codestorm has been at the front of this e-commerce fulfilment revolution and has allowed businesses of all sizes to scale up. With our one-of-a-kind LINK platform, ever-expanding warehouse space and vast picking, packing and distribution capabilities, we’re here to make your fulfilment a breeze.

We work with huge names across a broad range of industries to bring their products to their customers with ease.

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Discover the A to Z of Fulfilment

New To E-Commerce Fulfilment Services? Here’s What You Need To Know

Order fulfilment can be the crux of e-commerce and D2C business success – poor fulfilment services can infuriate your customers, deter them from making repeat orders, and earn you a slew of poor reviews. Thankfully here at Codestorm we have years of order fulfilment expertise that has been called upon by huge businesses and organisations such as Candy Kittens, WWF, Tarquin’s Gin and Vitl to help them master their fulfilment. 

Want to know how we do it? Here are the 7 simple steps we follow to fulfil each and every order with the care it deserves…

Inventory Received

We can’t work our fulfilment magic without products to distribute! Our partner businesses provide us with all of the products they want us to pick, pack and distribute when orders fly in. We’ll arrange take in of your products from source and ensure that delivery slots are kept too.

Inventory Stored

Next, we’ll check and carefully store these items. Working with your SKU’s or stock keeping units – we’ll store in bulk or at tote levels so that it’s ready quickly and easily for our pickers when we need to carefully box it up for distribution. Clear stock control and barcoding ensures that your inventory is always accurate too.

Orders Processed

Whether you’re using Shopify, Woocommerce, Magento or selling on platforms like Amazon, Ebay or any other combination we’ll integrate your order data directly into LINK. Real time feeds mean that we receive orders instantly and can pick, pack, personalise and post your order quickly. LINK also gives you real time data on everything you need to know about active orders, stock levels, what’s out for delivery, what’s selling most – and so much more!

Orders Picked

Our team get to work, using the latest in rugged scanning technology items are are carefully picked at individual and batch levels. Items are consolidated into totes and sent directly across the warehouse to the right packing stations for bespoke packing where needed. All items are scanned and inventory updated in real time to help you keep on top of stock levels and get your orders out on time

Items Packed

Your brand is more than just a box, that’s why Codestorm pack all orders using your choice of packaging. We’ll add inserts, any promotional items and anything else you’d like all in the relevant out box to keep postage prices down, and we take care to pack delicate items with the protective packaging of your choice. We also take great care when packing personalised items, and every item is re-scanned into the box as a means of double checking the contents of each order.

Items Distributed

We’ll pull all the right customer information from your order and create the right postage label and send to your customer via your preferred provider. We work with a range of carriers to help bring you the very best postage rates.

Parcels Delivered

Your customers receive their parcel and the journey of your order is now complete! In the event of a return being necessary, we follow our client’s instructions as to how they wish their returns to be handled. We’ll ensure that any rework is completed properly, items are restocked and inventory updated. We’ll also ensure that you know at all times the status of the order too.

Why choose a Fulfilment House?

Looking for a reason to outsource e-commerce to a fulfilment house? Here’s four:

Cost savings

By using a fulfilment house, you can access exclusive deals – especially on your shipping costs – we leverage our shipping volume and works constantly to achieve the most competitive prices. Our transparent and competitive pricing structures allow businesses to budget for growth, channelling savings into product innovation and boosting revenue.

Prioritise business growth

By outsourcing your fulfilment to Codestorm, you can take time to focus on the ‘bigger picture’ whilst we handle your daily orders. No more fretting over warehouse space or having to stay up late picking and packing an influx of orders – we take the stress out of your everyday fulfilment so you can prioritise what matters most.

Complex fulfilment made easy

We’re professionals that can handle complex orders, large or small, and ensure that you are always getting the best deal when it comes to shipping fees. Having completed hundreds of 000’s of orders over the past year across our extensive warehouse space, you can rest assured that we have the capability to deal with even your most logistically complex orders.

Access professional technology

Outsourcing your fulfilment to Codestorm means more than just expert pick, pack and postal fulfilment – but also access to advanced fulfilment technologies. From our LINK platform that provides unrivalled order transparency at every step, to our tracking and scanning technology that boosts order visibility even after parcels have left our warehouse – Codestorm technology and real time data creates real competitive advantage.

Trusted by your favourite brands

If you’ve ever placed an order with Vitl, Candy Kittens or Tarquin’s Gin, you’ve experienced the fulfilment power of Codestorm. Businesses across a variety of sectors have trusted us to assume the role of their fulfilment partner, and we are proud to have produced transformative results for our partner businesses. Here are just three of our favourite success stories – yours could be our next!

WWF Collaborate With Sky

Industry giants WWF have been a long-time partner at Codestorm, and it’s safe to say that some of their campaigns operate on a huge scale. Most notably, their collaboration with Sky saw us fulfil 50,000 orders wherein seed cards were sent to recipients requesting their support in tackling climate change. Such a huge campaign came at a hefty cost to WWF – until Codestorm stepped in and sliced their postage costs to 70%.

Impressive Growth For Waken

Having experienced impressive growth in the health and beauty sector over the past four years, Waken Mouthcare were searching for an e-commerce fulfilment partner to grow with them. Founded by the creators of the famous Bulldog skincare range, the makers of Waken Mouthcare knew that a specialist D2C fulfilment company like Codestorm was what they needed to accelerate their growth. That’s why they moved from their non-specialist e-commerce fulfilment service to us to provide them with the most competitive postage, and most diligent picking, packing and distribution.

Tribe’s SKU Boost

Tribe’s fulfilment needs have become increasingly complex over the years as they have introduced new product lines and subscription services. After a while, it became evident that the business would have to outsource their fulfilment business to stay on top of their developing needs. We were delighted to be chosen by Tribe, and have since seen their SKU’s increase by 150%. Codestorm have also been able to provide Tribe with better postage deals, keeping their costs low and allowing them to invest more into their impressive plant-based product range.

We’re trusted by some of Britain’s brightest brands, including

Ecommerce Fulfilment for WWF
Ecommerce Fulfilment for Candy Kittens
Ecommerce Fulfilment for Tarquin's
Ecommerce Fulfilment for Cafepod
Ecommerce Fulfilment for Tribe
Ecommerce Fulfilment for Mancave

Let’s Talk Fulfilment Services

The road to better business growth starts with better fulfilment. Let Codestorm take the hassle out of your fulfilment with our intuitive, cost-effective e-commerce fulfilment services. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which carriers do you use?

We work with carriers, including Royal Mail, The Delivery Group, Parcelforce, DPD and Yodel.

We are proud to have negotiated some of the best rates in the industry, given the volumes posted by our sister company, Advanced Direct Mail, which is a leading Direct Mail specialist.

Which international and EU carriers do you use?

We offer ETrak for all International consignments, including to the EU.
Read more here:
Codestorm Selects ETrak for EU and International Parcel Deliveries

What customer notifications can your system drive?

Carrier-dependent dispatch confirmation and tracking codes (if applicable) can be pushed back from LINK to your e-commerce sales platform, and your customers are notified accordingly.

Do you offer a customer returns service?

Yes. Returns can be delivered to us, including Amazon returns. We work closely with our clients to ensure delivery addresses are complete, as this minimises returns due to a failed delivery.