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Trusted by SMEs and global brands alike, Codestorm’s e-commerce fulfilment services have been vital in the smooth running of successful businesses for over a decade. From modern CBD brands to luxury food and beverage brands and respected charities and organisations, Codestorm has been taking the complexity out of order fulfilment for a range of businesses.

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Order Fulfilment at a glance

We have over 60,000 sq ft of state-of-the-art warehouse space to help you scale your business.

With an experienced team and leading technology we’re here to help streamline your order fulfilment.

Our team fulfil over 1.4 million orders and over 9.8 million items for our partner brands every year – and our order fulfilment services are still growing.

We’re real partners at every step of your order fulfilment

For over a decade Codestorm have partnered major brands to provide pick, pack, personalise and post order fulfilment services for a range of growing businesses – from household brands including Candy Kittens to WWF, Mancave and Canaray to ambitious high growth organisations .

What is Order Fulfilment?

First, what exactly is order fulfilment? By definition, order fulfilment refers to the actions taken after an order has been placed and accepted to ensure that the items ordered reach their recipient in a timely and secure manner. This process comprises multiple stages, all of which have to be carried out as part of a perfect routine to ensure that no customer has a poor experience with your brand. At Codestorm, we complete this process hundreds and thousands of times per day with absolute accuracy thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, experienced warehouse staff, and LINK platform. 

Here’s how we do it:

Order Fulfilment - Goods In

Goods In and Warehousing

Our product and stock management system is the first step towards a successful order fulfilment experience. Our technology scans each product and each set of packaging once it enters our warehouse, recording all expiry dates and batch numbers for optimal visibility. This covers individual SKU’s, assembled kits, packaging, and printed materials. You’ll be able to access all of the information you need regarding your inventory, stock levels and orders as soon as we process your goods inwards by using our innovative LINK platform.

All items are stored in our state-of-the-art warehouse space, which is safe, secure, and constantly monitored. At Codestorm, we are constantly improving and expanding our warehouse space as our business partners grow with us. That’s why we’ve upgraded our warehousing space to 60,000 sq ft as part of our commitment to provide the very best order fulfilment service possible.

Picking and Packing

Following your instruction, our team of order fulfilment staff will get to work by picking and packing the relevant products when an order is received. All products are picked and scanned by our staff, and these actions are fed directly into LINK to ensure that you always have the most up-to-date visibility on your order progress and stock levels. 

Our staff will opt for the most cost-effective and appropriate packing option for your order as a means of keeping your costs low. However, our team are extremely flexible when it comes to order fulfilment – if you have any customised packaging you wish for us to use or any additional packaging preferences, we will follow these diligently.

Order Fulfilment - Picking and Packing
Order Fulfilment - Distribution


Codestorm work with a range of partners such as Royal Mail, The Delivery Group, DPD and Yodel to ensure that your customers receive their orders quickly and safely. We collaborate with our partner businesses to choose the best possible shipping options that ensure optimal service for the most competitive price.

Because Codestorm work closely with shipping companies every day, we have access to some of the best shipping rates, and we always work closely with distributors to ensure that we are passing along the best possible cost savings to you.


Should your customers have any issues with their order, our team are on-hand to process returns as quickly and diligently as possible. We understand that customers want their refunds to be processed urgently, and want regular updates on the status of their return. We ensure that your consumers are always up to date by sending automated updates via our innovative LINK platform, giving them peace of mind at every step.

We follow your instructions when it comes to handling returns and processing them, giving you full control of the process from start to finish.

If the returned items are not defective, we place them back into warehouse storage to be sent to another customer in the future, and update our inventory accordingly. Should we notice a pattern of returns for certain products, our team will work alongside your business to create an action plan to mitigate further returns. This could be a specific product fault, such as faulty batches of product, unreliable product packaging, or something the Codestorm team can help with by altering our packing and shipping methods.

Order Fulfilment - Managing Returns
Order Fulfilment - The importance of order fulfilment

The Importance of Order Fulfilment

Order fulfilment is not just a necessary part of getting items to your customers – it can be a make-or-break process when it comes to ensuring that customers are satisfied and willing to purchase from your business in the future.

We’ve all been there – receiving damaged, late, or incorrect items, and sometimes failing to receive our orders whatsoever. When one of these unfortunate mishaps occurs, or whenever customers do not receive the level of service they deserve, businesses can wave goodbye to repeat custom and positive reviews. In fact, 69% of shoppers will be reluctant to shop with your business in the future if you fall short of your delivery window. This demonstrates that any delay in order fulfilment – no matter how small – can have a significant impact on your business.

It’s not just order punctuality that is paramount to business success. Research suggests:

  • An additional 23% of returns were down to shoppers receiving the wrong item.
  • 20% of orders are returned due to products being damaged
  • 32% of customers stated that they would never shop with a business again after just one bad experience

It’s clear that perfecting your order fulfilment process has never been more critical for earning happy, returning customers.

Why Do Businesses Outsource Their Order Fulfilment?

Many businesses start by fulfilling their orders in-house from their dining room tables or garages. However, businesses that want to grow sustainably and SMEs that have found swift success will find that they quickly outgrow their in-house operations and need a helping hand fulfilling their orders. That’s where experts like Codestorm come into the picture – we help businesses by taking the hassle of order fulfilment off their plate, allowing them to focus on more pressing matters such as investment, product development and sustainable business growth.

We have extensive warehouse space, round-the-clock staffing, and access to some of the most competitive shipping rates in the industry – all without compromising on that important personal touch. Many business owners worry that outsourcing their order fulfilment means giving up control of their business operations. With Codestorm, we work hard to ensure you are always in the loop. From the detail of individual order statuses to the bigger picture of sales trends, our LINK platform connects you to the live data that matters the most.

Order Fulfilment - Outsourciing your order fulfilment

Explore Order Fulfilment with Codestorm

Is your business expanding beyond your in-house operations? Do you need a trusted e-commerce fulfilment expert to handle your influx of orders? Or are you simply curious about the benefits of outsourcing your order fulfilment processes?

Here at Codestorm, we aim to be your eyes and ears on the shop floor. We aim to give you ultimate control and transparency when you work with us – from looking after your stock, to picking and packing orders, to distributing your products. We act with the same care and diligence as you would, and recognise that a successful delivery of your products is a reflection on your brand as well as ours.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you fulfil D2C orders?

Yes, we are D2C specialists and our bespoke e-commerce fulfilment software, LINK, integrates with all e-commerce platforms and channels such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Not On The High Street and Amazon.

Do you fulfil B2B and wholesale orders?

We are D2C specialists, so it depends on the ratio of B2B/wholesale/trade orders to your D2C order volumes. We do support growing brands through their transition to a warehouse distribution partner.

What impacts the speed of order fulfilment?

Order fulfilment speed depends on a set of variables. This depends on the options your business and e-commerce fulfilment partner offer, the delivery method selected by the customer, the time of week and day the order was placed, and the distance the order has to travel. The best e-commerce fulfilment providers will fulfil your orders as soon as possible, especially if customers have requested expedited delivery.

At Codestorm, our e-commerce fulfilment experts have abundant experience fulfilling orders of all shapes and sizes, partnering with a range of distributors, and shipping products across the globe. As such, you can rest assured that our team will be able to meet any reasonable fulfilment demands you require.

Fulfil or Fulfill?

‘Fulfil’ and ‘fulfill’ are the British and American forms of the same term, which mean the exact same thing – to bring to completion.