Helping you get EU and International Shipments Delivered, First Time

EU Delivery Problems

Many of our Clients are understandably experiencing frustration with failed EU and international shipments. So are we!

Carriers are charging for the initial failed delivery but also for the return delivery to us and should these be re-sent, carriers charge again for the re-delivery – up to three charges.

Some clients are so frustrated they are simply switching off EU sales and plan to restart when the situation improves.  Others are moving stock to 3PL facilities in the EU.

We’re here to help.

We undertook a detailed appraisal of our international shipping partners and have decided to offer one service for all overseas deliveries, including to the EU.

We’re pleased to offer the new international delivery service called Etrak, a joint venture between The Delivery Group and Parcel Monkey.  We believe Etrak will be the quickest, safest, and most secure postal solution for your international orders.

They have issued a checklist to reduce the chance of failed delivery and our bespoke e-commerce fulfilment software, LINK, is now set up to facilitate the collation of this information.

    • CN22/23 information as before*
    • GB EORI number
    • UK VAT Number
    • Full description of the goods including the HS code for each item (The HS code is the code that gives customs officials a description of your goods advise can be found on the UK government website at
    • Full Retail value of the goods
    • Reason for export – sales, sample, gift or personal
    • Recipient email and telephone contact details.

This information is added to LINK for each SKU. When completed correctly, this reduces the change of deliveries being rejected.

*LINK captures the information. Sender and recipient addresses are added to the parcel and the rest of the information is uploaded to Etrak. This information is digitally linked to the parcel and can be accessed by customs officials using the parcel’s barcode.

HS Codes

The devil is truly in the detail. HS Codes appear to be the major stumbling block. Every product must have a precise HS Code.

For example, Whole bean coffee in a bag is a different HS Code number to whole bean coffee in a tin.

We can help you navigate this minefield and ensure all the relevant details are uploaded to LINK.

Unfortunately, even when items are being allocated the correct code and all requested information is provided, we’re still seeing deliveries being refused for all sorts of invented reasons.

We work closely with our Clients to ensure that every shipment leaving Codestorm has paperwork that is 100% correct.

We appreciate that this is a steep learning curve – we’re still learning too.

Get in touch today to see if we can help you improve your EU and International shipments.

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