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The pandemic has seen the public become increasingly invested in their own health and wellness, thereby boosting the need for reliable and innovative e-commerce brands that allow consumers to stay in the best shape of their lives. From tailored monthly subscription services moulded to suit consumers’ needs, to new ground-breaking supplements to fuel the mind and body, there’s an option for every type of customer.

However, for your brand, there’s only one option for world-class e-commerce fulfilment: Codestorm. Having gained the trust of businesses such as Vitl, Quinola and Waken Mouthcare to deliver our exceptional D2C services, we’re here to help your health and wellness brand reach new heights.

Health and Wellness Brands

The needs of the health and wellness industry

The health and wellness industry has truly blossomed in the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic, as the collective psyche of the British public has become more attuned to various threats to their wellbeing. Customers are searching for personalised products, speedy service and competitive prices that present a viable alternative to big industry players such as Boots and Superdrug. What’s more, renewable subscriptions that take the hassle out of remembering to purchase your next batch of products are becoming increasingly important to consumers, especially those with hectic lifestyles yet enough disposable income to spend on tailored healthcare advice and products.

However, at the core of the healthcare industry should always sit information and education to ensure that customers are informed about what they consume to the benefit of their body. At Codestorm, our award-winning customer service team are on hand to ensure that you don’t just meet the needs of your customers, but exceed them by providing effective D2C delivery and extensive personalisation options as well as hassle-free returns and real-time order information, keeping communication channels open for your consumers to receive the best advice about your product.


Codestorm are proud to be the trusted D2C e-commerce distributors for the following drink and beverage brands:

Waken Mouthwash - Health and Wellness Brands

Waken has become one of the most popular oral care brands in the UK thanks to their product’s astounding efficacy and dedication to ensuring a positive impact on the environment (and your mouth!). The brainchild of Simon Duffy and Rhodri Ferrier of Bulldog fame, Waken has seen astonishing success since its inception in 2019; their aesthetically pleasing packaging, educational blog and vow to be as sustainable as possible have won everyone at Codestorm over! We’re delighted to have provided Waken with our unbeatable postage value and ability to help their business scale, which is something their previous D2C fulfilment company was unable to offer, giving the brand a bright future to match their bright teeth!

Quinola - Health and Wellness Brands

Quinola’s convenient, tasty and of course healthy products have transformed our appreciation for quinoa altogether! Their pledge to be ‘radically generous’ has secured Quinola’s status as a staple product for many of their customers, who have seen their products in top supermarkets Sainsbury’s and Morrisons. By packing each product with organic, fibre-rich ingredients and adding a tonne of tasty, unique flavours, Quinola has made it simpler for Brits to make healthier choices. Codestorm are delighted to have welcomed these innovative snacks and meals to our roster of D2C healthcare products.

Vitl - Health and Wellness Brands

Vitl sits at the forefront of innovative healthcare by making personalised supplement packages based on a brief, easy-to-follow quiz about your healthcare needs. Their packages combine expert advice with the convenience of delivery straight to your door on a monthly basis which takes all of the guesswork out of the often complex landscape of vitamins and supplements. Codestorm has been able to offer Vitl our industry-leading Royal Mail Tracked 48 rate to get their tailored healthcare parcels into their customer’s hands as soon as possible, and for an incredibly competitive price.

How we do it

The power of LINK

LINK is Codestorm’s secret weapon which each of our partner brands gets access to once they sign up with us. The innovative platform has helped healthcare brands such as yours prosper with LINK’s roster of useful features…

Live inventory tracking so you know precisely when to order more stock

Seamless integration with e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, eBay and Amazon

Fully-automated warehouse management tools

Traceable orders from placement to delivery, and even returns

Improve end-end control and transparency of stock and deliverables

Direct mail services for membership and subscription based online businesses

Helping you grow your health and wellness brand

Health and wellness is not a ‘one size fits all’ industry. After all, each of your customers has different preferences and requirements. This is why personalised healthcare is popular, with D2C fulfilment being the best way to get products to your customers. Gone are the days of awkwardly navigating the aisles of your local Boots or Superdrug searching for the right healthcare products to suit your customers or buying multiple products to get the right variants for you. Instead, education on what’s available to tackle your wellness needs can be obtained with a simple Google search and personalised quiz.

At Codestorm, we’re passionate about ensuring that your customers receive their carefully curated health and wellness packages in good time, for the best price, and with the best customer service. After all, what’s more important than purchasing products that directly benefit our health? Codestorm’s world-class fulfilment service, paired with your innovative healthcare products, is a recipe for success and repeat custom that will propel your wellness brand to new heights. And as you grow, our large-capacity storage units, scalable inventory tracking and experienced team are able to grow with you.

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