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Sustainable growth for your sustainable business

Organic and sustainable products are becoming more popular as Britain bids to be carbon neutral by 2050. As such, we’ve seen an influx of new and exciting brands enter the world of e-commerce. This includes the important message of WWF, to the thoughtfully sourced and produced ingredients at Offblak Tea. Codestorm are proud to be well-versed in the methods of distributing sustainable products in a way that matches your brand’s ethos.

Our D2C expertise paired with your game-changing brand can produce meaningful results for your business, without impacting the planet.

Organic and Sustainable Brands

The needs of the organic and sustainable sector

Organic and sustainable businesses need to partner with e-fulfilment solution providers that adhere to their morals and values. Thankfully, D2C fulfilment is the perfect answer! Research shows that direct-to-consumer fulfilment for e-commerce businesses is a far more sustainable option when compared to solely working out of retail stores. Customers that buy produce in-store can contribute up to three times as much greenhouse gas compared to purchasing via online platforms.

What’s more, according to recent Amazon research courier vans reduce traffic by up to nine times when compared to the individual journeys your consumers would otherwise have to make to obtain your products from physical storefronts. It is therefore becoming standard that companies with aims to help the environment choose to partner with D2C companies such as Codestorm to help back up their sustainability pledges.

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Codestorm are proud to be the trusted D2C e-commerce distributors for the following drink and beverage brands:


When it comes to making a lasting, positive impact on the world around us, many of us think of WWF, who are proud partners of Codestorm. Their range of sustainable products are FSC Certified, ethically supplied and crafted with the safest materials to ensure a premium customer experience that does not cost the earth. Codestorm ships WWF’s vast range of products from their online shop, varying from sustainable coffee capsules, to organic chocolates, and recycled cotton tote bags. It’s been a delight to help WWF cut costs with our industry-leading postal fees and boost their income to truly help those in need.

How we do it

The power of LINK

How do Codestorm ensure that you have the most up-to-date information on your outgoings, inventory and returns? With our unparalleled D2C platform, LINK!

Simply put, LINK puts all of the information you could possibly need about your business directly at your fingertips. It seamlessly integrates with e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Shopify and eBay among others to gather live data. As a result, you can make quick decisions that benefit your business without delay. You can even track your individual deliveries from order placement straight to delivery. This lets you understand your buyer’s experience more intimately and provide the very best service as a result. Knowledge is power, and LINK gives you all of the information you need to boost your sustainable and organic business.

Connect all your sales channels, brands and product groups in one place

See and control all orders in one, simple to use platform

See all your data from order notification to despatch in real time

Manage and control all your inventory including batches in real time

Automatically connect to the best value shipping services

Control and edit order personalisation with powerful integration

Track, report and notify customers simply with inbuilt communications

Understand and get ahead of exception tracking

See live SLA, tracking, billing and spend data on demand in real time

Direct mail services for membership and subscription based online businesses

Helping you grow your organic and sustainable brand

Having a brand such as Codestorm on your side to help you handle your inventory is essential. This is especially true if you sell organic products that do not use typical preservatives. This may result in your products having a shorter shelf-life, making it important for you to track your orders, stock and inventory with the utmost accuracy. Otherwise, you cannot ensure that each product that ships is fit for use. 96% of customers say that customer service impacts brand loyalty, so it’s vital to get every order perfect. This is precisely what we do! We provide sustainable e-commerce delivery and packaging options, industry-leading postage prices, comprehensive customer service, and remain flexible to your changing packaging needs. Codestorm are here to help your business continue to grow and thrive.

We’re passionate about ensuring that your brand reaches your customers in pristine condition, in the most sustainable yet efficient packaging, and work alongside each of our brand partners to help them develop the latest in packaging innovation to make each launch more sustainable than the last.

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