Our Policies

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Environmental Policy

Advanced Direct Mail & Codestorm recognises that environmental issues are fundamental to the future health and well-being of those involved in our company, the greater community and our planet. Thus, we seek to understand the impacts of our activities on the environment at local, regional and global levels, to minimise these impacts and to find sustainable solutions to environmental concerns. We accept the responsibility of demonstrating leadership in environmental protection and enhancement through our actions as an institution.


In support of these principles, Advanced Direct Mail & Codestorm is committed to:

  • Promoting the protection of the natural and cultural environment
  • Continually improving the company’s environmental performance through the introduction of an Environmental Management System
  • Complying with all the relevant environmental legislation related to the company’s activities
  • Reducing and where possible preventing pollution through the development of effective resource and waste management strategies
  • Setting environmental objectives and supporting action plans
  • Monitoring and auditing the company’s environmental performance and practice at regular intervals.
  • Increasing awareness of environmental responsibilities among staff
  • Making this Policy available to interested parties
Health & Safety Policy

Advanced Direct Mail & Codestorm recognises that a good safe and healthy environment is good for business and staff morale.  Advanced Direct Mail & Codestorm understands that Health and Safety is a business function and will not knowingly breach any Health and Safety legislation and must be subject to continuous improvement. Advanced Direct Mail & Codestorm agrees that safety is the responsibility of everyone and Advanced Direct Mail & Codestorm intends to identify through proactive management any hazards present and eliminate or control them wherever reasonably practicable.

In order to ensure that this general statement is achieved, the following will form the company aims and objectives:

  • Adequate planning, monitoring and review of the implementation of Health and Safety policy will be carried out to good standards with continual improvements being expected. Advanced Direct Mail & Codestorm will assess the risk to the health and safety of its employees, and anyone else that may be affected by the company activities before any work commences on site.
  • Advanced Direct Mail & Codestorm will ensure that Health and Safety management is an integral part of the management function and will monitor their performance along with other duties.
  • Employees have specific responsibilities to take reasonable care of themselves and others who may be affected by their activities and to co-operate with Advanced Direct Mail & Codestorm in achieving the standards required.
  • Advanced Direct Mail & Codestorm will devote the necessary resources in the form of finance, equipment, personnel and time to ensure health and safety. The assistance of expert help will be sought where the necessary skills required are not available within the company.
  • Advanced Direct Mail & Codestorm will provide and maintain a safe working environment and will develop safe systems of work and apply best practice. In addition procedures will be established to ensure that employees are provided with safe equipment and plant for use.
  • Advanced Direct Mail & Codestorm will provide adequate and appropriate information, instruction, training, and supervision. Specialist support in health and safety matters including first aid and fire precaution arrangements will be provided as and when necessary.
  • Incidents, accidents, near misses and dangerous occurrences will be investigated promptly and appropriate steps will be taken, as far as is reasonably practicable, to prevent a re-occurrence and to satisfy legal obligations.
  • Advanced Direct Mail & Codestorm will monitor and control sub-contracted workers under its direct control. In addition Advanced Direct Mail & Codestorm will undertake to protect clients and other employers affected by its operations.
  • Advanced Direct Mail & Codestorm will review its policy statement as appropriate or at least yearly.
Information Security Policy

Advanced Direct Mail’s principal business activity is the processing of low-risk personal data on behalf of our customers who are the data controllers. This personal data, supplied to us by our customers, is used in the fulfilment of customer orders. The security of this data is critical for our customers’ and for our business.

We will:-

Manage the workflow of this data in accordance with our documented information security management system;

Ensure that we dispose of data in the method and at the time agreed with our customers;

Use best in class processing equipment to assist in the prevention of data breaches;

Regularly review advances in technology that may help us to reduce the likelihood of data breaches occurring;

Train our workforce to ensure that the risk of data breach is minimised during the processing of customers’ data.

We will not carry out the processing of sensitive personal information on behalf of our customers.

We are the data controller in respect of the personal data of:-

Our employees, candidates for job vacancies and past employees.

This data may contain sensitive data; Employees of our customers and suppliers.

This data is restricted to those people that we need to interact with in meeting customer requirements and is limited to contact information that is provided to us by the organisation or the person concerned;

People who contact us for other reasons relating to our business either directly or via our website; Employees of companies that we consider to be prospective customers for the services that we offer and are contacted in connection with our marketing activities. Our policy in relation to all personal data is to ensure that we only request the minimum amount of data that is required for us to comply with our legal obligations and/or to enable us to carry out our business processes relating to each category.

This Policy and the entire ISMS has been developed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 27001:2013 in order to ensure that we remain compliant with all legal and regulatory requirements including those contained in the provisions of the Data Protection Act (1998), GDPR, PECR and our contractual obligations.

Therefore, to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of our information, senior management have approved this policy and implementation of our information security management system (ISMS) The approach to information security will be based on the control of risk, as per the standard and best practice.

We are committed to establishing and continually improving our ISMS.

We have developed a framework for setting objectives which will establish an overall sense of direction and principles for action with regard to information security. Information security is not just something we do; it is an organisational culture and one that is deeply embedded in Advanced Direct Mail’s business.

Quality Policy

The Advanced Direct Mail & Codestorm quality policy is to secure continued profitable growth by providing a high level of customer satisfaction. Achieving quality involves recognition of all customer needs and the employment of an efficient management system that endeavours to satisfy each customer first time, every time.

In order to attain a high standard of service an Integrated Management System (IMS) is maintained and communicated throughout the organisation. The processes and procedures within the IMS describe how the organisations activities are managed and have been designed to ensure that the expected high standards are consistently achieved.

All employees are individually responsible for the quality of their work and are provided with appropriate training to we constantly improve the performance of the company.  Clarification of the company’s policies, procedures and practices is always available from the Directors.

The Managing Director retains overall responsibility for the operation of the Integrated Management System, with routine management of the system delegated to the Operations Manager.

The aims of the Integrated Management System are: –

  • To maintain an effective Integrated Management System in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.
  • To achieve and maintain an economic level of quality which enhances the organisations reputation with customers.
  • To endeavour, at all times, to maximise and monitor customer satisfaction with the products and services provided by Advanced Direct Mail.
  • To ensure the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System and achievement of improvement objectives by means of the Management Review process.

To achieve these objectives it is incumbent on all personnel to be fully committed to the implementation of the Advanced Direct Mail & Codestorm Quality Policy and the Integrated Management System.

If you require any further information regarding our policies please contact us.