Supplying directly to your customer is more popular than ever…

Boost the power of your D2C fulfilment by understanding the Seasonality of D2C!

Codestorm has been actively supporting the UK’s best and brightest e-commerce brands for over a decade. See the trends and factors that seasonality creates in D2C and learn how you can use them to your advantage

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Direct-to-consumer fulfilment is more popular than ever, with its ability to offer optimal convenience for customers and businesses alike.

70% of customers prefer to shop online. As such, it’s no surprise that many businesses are beginning to take D2C fulfilment more seriously.

Optimising Seasonality in D2C

The power of LINK

Beyond our experienced cohort of staff, state-of-the-art facilities and renowned customer service, Codestorm have another trick up our sleeve that has helped our partners boost their D2C business – LINK.

LINK allows you to seamlessly integrate your e-commerce platforms and takes the complexity out of understanding your business performance, thereby allowing you to optimise quickly and effectively. If you have a Shopify, Woocommerce, eBay or Amazon store – or perhaps all four! – that you use to distribute your D2C products, LINK allows you to combine these platforms to better understand your inventory, outgoings and margins without the manual calculations. Even better, LINK works in real-time, allowing you to understand when you need to order more stock, which of your marketing campaigns are most effective, and when specific orders have been picked, packed and delivered by our team. E-commerce fulfilment and D2C transparency have never been so simple!

Connect all your sales channels, brands and product groups in one place

See and control all orders in one, simple to use platform

See all your data from order notification to despatch in real time

Manage and control all your inventory including batches in real time

Automatically connect to the best value shipping services

Control and edit order personalisation with powerful integration

Track, report and notify customers simply with inbuilt communications

Understand and get ahead of exception tracking

See live SLA, tracking, billing and spend data on demand in real time

Seasons change, but distribution doesn’t.

We understand the changes throughout the year that can affect your business’ sales. We’re experienced in working alongside a plethora of brands in a multitude of industry sectors, and can take all the hassle out of your seasonal direct-to-consumer e-commerce fulfilment.

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