Seasonality of D2C – April Edition

As we say ‘so long’ to winter and fully embrace the beauty of spring, many of your consumer’s habits will change. April signifies an opportunity to celebrate the improving weather, the arrival of Easter, and the time to unwind across Good Friday and Easter Monday. Additionally, with the coronation of King Charles on the horizon, many businesses will be looking to adapt their marketing tactics and product offerings to pursue a more celebratory and nationalist tone. In The Seasonality of D2C April Edition, Codestorm explore how you can make the most of the new season to propel your profits:

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King Charles’ Coronation

In 2023, King Charles will participate in his formal coronation, ushering in a new era in the British monarchy and undoubtedly spelling good news for brands that are hoping to sell patriotic items to celebrate this occasion. Royal events are typically celebrated with quintessentially British memorabilia – tea sets, ornamental plates and tea towels all spring to mind. However, for 2023 many brands will be taking their direct to consumer efforts to the next level to commemorate the coronation. Expect to see a variety of items soar in popularity in anticipation of the coronation in May, especially luxury food and beverage items to mark the special occasion. After all, if you can’t sip on champagne to celebrate the crowning of a new King, when can you?

Easter Celebrations

When somebody mentions April, Easter is likely the first thing that springs to mind, conjuring up visions of tasty chocolate treats, beautiful pastel hues and sweet chicks and lambs. Easter has such vivid branding and iconography which can be infused into your direct to consumer operations this April. Whether you’re offering complimentary chocolate treats with orders over a certain amount, or adding a pastel twist to your packaging or website colour scheme, there are plenty of ways to infuse the joy of Easter into your business this April. Many brands even choose to promote limited-edition variants of their most popular products. This is especially relevant when it comes to food and beverage items, with special edition confectionary flavours or quirky beverage flavours making your business’ offerings stand out from your competitors, whilst also introducing a time-sensitive element into your customer’s buying journey thanks to the ‘limited edition’ nature of these seasonal products.

What’s more, with spring in full swing and more time at your consumer’s disposal over the Easter holidays, we expect to see an rise in the number of leisure, home improvement and outdoor-related product sales. After all, with the weather slowly improving, many of us will be looking to spend quality time outdoors with our friends and family, and may have more time to get those pesky home-improvement tasks completed. From planters to pogo sticks, fitness supplies to fire pits, we anticipate that all of your warm-weather products will be popular this April.

Earth Day

Towards the end of the month on April 22nd comes Earth Day, which presents an opportunity for brands to promote thoughtful consumerism and sustainability. Socially and environmentally conscious buying is becoming increasingly popular among consumers, with research suggesting that 45 per cent of customers would be willing to spend more for a product that they deem to be more sustainable. There is a growing sentiment among consumers that they are able to ‘vote with their wallet’ by supporting brands that align with their morals and values, and with environmentalism becoming an increasingly pertinent issue across the globe, brands that sell products via D2C methods should make the most out of Earth Day.

Many of the brands we fulfil at Codestorm have taken the initiative to promote greener products, packaging and shipping methods year-round, giving their customers peace of mind that their consumerism does not come with a significant carbon footprint. Last year, we partnered with innovative courier HIVED to provide emission-free delivery to applicable orders, and continued to work alongside WWF whose online shop emphasises their dedication to sustainable consumerism. Whether you’re donating a portion of April’s earnings to combat deforestation, packaging your parcels with recyclable materials, or ethically source your product ingredients – shout it from the rooftops this April for Earth Day.

Spring Into Action This April

Each month brings a fresh opportunity for your business to adapt to seasonal trends to propel your business towards greater success, and April is no exception. With spring underway, Easter on the horizon and plenty of opportunities to celebrate the crowning of a new monarch, your consumer’s are expecting something exceptional from your brand and marketing.

With Codestorm’s expert knowledge of seasonality in the direct to consumer market, we’ve helped businesses thrive no matter what the season may be by providing tailored advice to adapt brand strategy. We go beyond being an e-commerce fulfilment service: we truly are your partner in business. For more information on how Codestorm can transform your e-commerce business this April, fill out the form below:

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