Seasonality of D2C – February Edition

February is a month of celebration that can offer ample opportunities for businesses to boost their sales – with Valentine’s Day in the middle of the month, and the Lunar New Year festivities still ongoing, there’s no reason that this short month cannot be your most profitable yet! Here’s Codestorm’s lowdown on what to expect from your consumers this month, and how you can boost your sales with our Seasonality of D2C February edition.

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Happy New Year

Chinese New Year continues into February with the culmination of the celebrations happening on February 5th with the Lantern Festival. Despite being deemed a less popular celebration when compared to the January 1st celebrations, the Lunar New Year is celebrated globally and brings together people from across the globe, all of whom will likely shift their consumer habits in anticipation for the event. As such, we expect to see plenty of products surge in popularity this month to bring forth the year of the rabbit – from special editions of existing product lines adorned with vibrant new year colours and rabbit décor, to new clothes to celebrate in style. In fact, 28 per cent of those celebrating the Lunar New Year have said that they will be purchasing new clothing, shoes and accessories via e-commerce platforms.

The Month Of Love

Although many will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with non-consumer items such as home cooked meals and love letters, it’s no surprise that direct to consumer or D2C goods peak in popularity in February. From alcohol to beauty products to confectionary, it’s no surprise that the average consumer spends £22 on Valentine’s Day, which equates to £1.37 billion each year. This results in a particular boost to the luxury food and drinks sector as 61 per cent of lovebirds choose to cook from home and 37 per cent choose to grab a bottle of the finest bubbly. We also expect to see a surge in personalised gifting options this February to enhance the care, thought and consideration that Valentine’s Day celebrators put into their presents. Businesses such as Moonpig and FunkyPigeon are as popular as ever during Valentine’s season thanks to their personalisation options: whether you want to add a photo to your Valentine’s card, or choose a bouquet of flowers to arrive for February 14th to show your love, these businesses give you the option to do so. One thing is for sure – indulgent, luxury treats will be exceptionally popular this month.

Even if your business doesn’t specialise in heart-shaped candies, bouquets of roses or boxes of chocolates, you can still boost sales during this period. In fact, all individuals regardless of their relationship status are more likely to embark on retail therapy as a means of easing the effects this potentially difficult time of year could have on their mental health – after all, not every person has a valentine to buy for or receive gifts from. 25% of Brits buy gifts for themselves to mark the 14th of February in an act of self appreciation, which will likely lead to an increase in sales for subscription boxes, clothing and jewellery, all of which are popular self-gifting options.

A Hint Of Luxury

Considering the Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day both happening in February, Codestorm anticipate that this month will be a great time to promote your luxury items to your consumer base. Consumers may feel the need to make a big impression this February and celebrate in style, making them more likely to purchase high-ticket items. Here are a few ideas:

  • Put time-sensitive discounts and offers on your most luxurious items: whether it’s your most decadent food hamper or yearly subscription box, big-ticket items are likely to draw attention this month
  • Focus your marketing not just on gifting to others, but self-gifting to broaden your consumer base
  • If you offer personalisation or customisation options, make sure to push these: put these options on your website home page and demonstrate that these options can transform an ordinary gift into something of greater significance and uniqueness

How Will You Fare This February?

Navigating the ever-changing and developing trends and themes in D2C marketing can be a daunting task, but Codestorm are here to make it as easy as possible. With decades of experience in e-commerce fulfilment, we understand the pitfalls that businesses can experience if they aren’t taking advantage of seasonal and monthly trends and changes. That’s why we’ve built our Seasonality Of D2C research to make monthly e-commerce marketing as easy as possible, with regular blogs to deep-dive into the best way to enhance your sales each month. For more information on how you can take your sales to the next level by understanding seasonal e-commerce market changes, download our Seasonality Of D2C piece here:

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