Seasonality of D2C – January Edition

January is one of the most pivotal months in your calendar if you’re a business owner, marketing professional or D2C fulfilment company like us at Codestorm. Not only is January representative of new beginnings and starting afresh, but it signifies a shift in trends away from the indulgence of Christmas and New Year towards the careful, reserved attitudes of January. The month offers many consumers the opportunity to make positive changes in their lives, reflect on what aspects of their daily routines need improving, and plan for the future. Such behavioural shifts can be seen in our changing consumer habits each season, each of which we’ll be covering below:

Here’s To Better Health!

If your business offers products that can benefit a client’s physical or mental health, you can anticipate a January boost. Whether you stock CBD products with benefits for the skin, hair and body; food supplements that keep you in your best form; or cosmetics to boost self-esteem and encourage me-time – health and wellness products are a hit at the start of a new year. In fact, one-quarter of Brits vow to improve their health as their New Year’s resolution each year, which is reflected in the boost to health and beauty sales in January. Barclaycard saw those health and beauty transactions boosted by 5.9 per cent in January alone due to this mass change in mindset to create a healthier future. Capgemini echoes this surge in health and beauty sales with their analysis that there was a 102 per cent increase in sector sales in 2021, with online retail particularly lucrative. Not only do the number of health and wellness app installations and gym memberships soar, but D2C businesses experience a surge in interest in workout equipment and athletic attire, especially from females or customers that belong to the Generation Z and Millennial demographics.

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A Boost In Productivity

With many consumers heading back to their jobs after the Christmas and New Year break with new years resolutions on their minds, many may choose to purchase items that boost their productivity. This can constitute buying new technology such as laptops, watches and phones, and more traditional items such as diaries and calendars to help consumers arrange a more organised new year. Many consumers may even focus on home improvement in their bid for a more productive year, with décor essential in January. Without our beloved festive decorations, many homeowners may fill this void with art, flowers and other visually appealing pieces. In January 2022, the Office for National Statistics noted a particular increase in the garden and home purchases fuelled by the need for New Year home improvement. Any focus on improving mindset and surroundings for the year ahead will undoubtedly go down well in January.

The Tempting New Year Sales

New Year ushers in the end of the prior festive season and welcomes new beginnings – often with incredible discounts. Businesses are keen to get rid of stock from the past season to make space for upcoming lines, hence the extreme price reductions, making many consumers willing and ready to part with their money at the start of the year. Moreover, with many consumers receiving money or gift cards to their favourite online stores over the festive period, the January and New Year sales mark the perfect time to get the most for your money. In fact, one-quarter of Brits purchase gift cards to send to friends, relatives and colleagues in December, indicating that a large number of consumers will approach January with vouchers ready to spend – take advantage of this eagerness to spend money by offering fantastic deals, and you have the recipe to D2C retail success!

Planning Ahead

In the spirit of planning ahead for a fantastic year, many consumers book holidays for months to come in a bid to battle the winter blues and find something to look forward to. Barclaycard saw an influx of interest in travel agencies and airlines around January, which, although not directly linked to D2C products, certainly impacted related purchases. Along with booking holidays comes the purchase of a wide variety of items (which are usually significantly reduced during the January sales) necessary for a successful vacation. Travel essentials such as suitcases and luggage, sunglasses, travel adaptors, and informational guides about the region, culture and history of your holiday destination are therefore set to be big sellers. We also should remember the need for new clothing items for your vacation, with pending planned holidays providing even further motivation to take advantage of New Year’s sales. As such, we recommend marketing your items to prospective holiday goers, stressing the benefits of planning ahead, ordering items sooner rather than later, and alleviating airport panic shopping for essentials.

Away with the January blues – let’s get your business booming!

At Codestorm, we’re proud to be experts in direct-to-consumer fulfilment and understand the vital role that seasonality can play in your marketing, sales and results. That’s why we don’t just offer our industry-leading fulfilment services and pioneering LINK platform to expedite your success and help your business reach new heights. We’re also here to provide advice from our decades in the D2C industry so that you start the new year well-equipped to make informed choices for your business. Contact our team below for more information on how we can get your year off to a flying start:

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