Seasonality of D2C June Edition

From Father’s Day to the beginning of the Summer Solstice, June is full of opportunities for businesses to tweak their direct to consumer output for maximum impact. In our Seasonality of D2C June Edition, we’ll be exploring the best products to promote this month, as well as suggesting some savvy campaign themes to maximise your appeal, boost your sales and catapult your profits.

Summer Solstice

Across Britain, many consumers are breathing a sigh of relief that the dubious weather of Spring has passed and there are sunny days ahead in June. In fact, June officially welcomes the Summer Solstice which brings with it longer days, more sunshine, and favourable weather. As such, consumers are on the hunt for all of their summer and garden essentials this month as the nation prepares itself for its favourite season.

Google Trends shows that searches for ‘gardening’ peak around May and June as the weather improves and homeowners find themselves increasingly motivated to start improving their outdoor spaces. As such, products such as patio sets, lawnmowers and barbeques are set to become more popular this month as the nation plans to spend more of its time outside.

This also bodes well for fashion and accessory brands. Google Trends indicates that searches for the terms ‘summer dress’, ‘sunglasses’ and ‘sandals’ all peak in June as consumers trawl the internet searching for e-commerce retailers that can help them revamp their wardrobe for summer. In the same vein, the health and beauty sector will undoubtedly be impacted by the dawn of summer. Searches for ‘suncream’ experience a huge boost in June as consumers seek the best products to protect their skin from sun damage. Similarly, searches for ‘fake tan’ increase in June as Brits strive to get a golden glow ready for the summer holidays.

So, how can your e-commerce business elevate its offers for the Summer Solstice? We recommend creating a ‘summer edit’ on your website, offering a ‘summer essentials’ limited time sale, and featuring your most summer-appropriate items on the homepage of your e-commerce website.

World Ocean Day and World Refill Day

Sustainability is always on trend, but June offers ample opportunities to boost you business’ eco-friendly credentials by promoting World Refill Day (16th) and World Ocean Day (8th).

Interest in refillable products is on the rise. In fact, Google Trends indicates that refillable products are twice as popular now as they were in 2018. Search volume has actually doubled over five years. This indicates that there is significantly increasing appetite for sustainable products, and greater demand for businesses to create and promote consumer goods that have a less damaging impact on the environment. In fact, for World Refill Day 2022, research demonstrated that 93% of consumers wanted more refill options across all sectors.

Many businesses have been promoting refillable options, especially across the beauty and cleaning supplies industry. For products such as these, external components can be filled with refill ‘pods’. This allows consumers to retain the bulkier packaging component rather than disposing of it each and every time they reach the bottom of a product. Not only does this encourage consumers to repeatedly purchase products from your business to fill the component they already have, but this provides e-commerce businesses with better sustainability credentials.

If your business has refill options, we strongly advise that you put them front-and-centre this month. There are also great opportunities this June to tout the financial benefits of refillable products too. Many businesses are listing refills for far cheaper than the original product. So, why not consider a ‘refill sale’ to encourage your customers to stock up on their favourites this June?

By the same measure, World Ocean Day will bring even more focus onto the efforts your e-commerce business is undertaking to ensure that you reduce excessive waste. This directly links to the message of World Refill Day. It similarly seeks to reduce unsustainable practices, especially when it comes to unnecessary packaging. Make an effort this month to promote the sustainable elements of your business, especially when it comes to packaging. Do you use recyclable postage boxes? Are your products compostable? Are there opportunities to reuse packages after the product has been finished? Whatever efforts you’re making, be sure to celebrate them this June.

Father’s Day

June is the month of Father’s Day, an opportunity to celebrate the father-figures in our lives. Many of us choose to gift items to our beloved fathers on this day, with 40% of consumers taking to e-commerce platforms to find the perfect present. Here’s a rundown of the most popular gifts customers will be adding to their carts this June:

  • Chocolate: When in doubt, many consumers opt for chocolates to gift on Father’s Day. This universally loved confectionary product is a fantastic fool-proof gift
  • Clothing: 20% of Brits will be looking to add valuable additions to their dad’s wardrobe this June by purchasing clothing or accessory products. So, whether you stock wallets or hats, jumpers or shoes, expect these to sell well this month
  • Alcohol: 30% of Brits gift alcohol or food to their father figures on Father’s Day. As such, luxury beverages an important product to promote this June

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