Seasonality of D2C – March Edition

The Seasonality of D2C March edition focuses on three key events and themes: International Women’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, and Mother’s Day in the UK. Paired with the upcoming dawn of spring, this creates fantastic opportunities for themed products and gifts, specifically for females. Each of these events or days of importance grants ecommerce businesses the opportunity to explore the promotion of time-sensitive offers or exclusive, limited edition variants of their products.

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International Women’s Day

On March 8th, International Women’s Day takes the world by storm, celebrating the achievements of women across the globe. This offers a fantastic opportunity for e-commerce businesses to promote select products and launch specific marketing campaigns in honour of this celebration. Research by Klarna indicates that women are avid online shoppers and make up the majority of customers for e-commerce retailers, specifically in clothing and accessories, beauty, and health and wellness products.

If your e-commerce business sells products targeted towards women, International Women’s Day can be a fantastic time to promote female empowerment and encourage your customers to shop with businesses that support women’s causes. Your business could offer special discounts on female-created products, donate a portion of proceeds to women’s charities, and encourage consumers of any gender to gift something to an important woman in their life in order to show their appreciation. This direct to consumer marketing technique is applicable across most any sector, and with more and more consumers trying to shop ethically, promoting International Women’s Day in this way could be a fantastic way to increase customer retention.

Mother’s Day

Just a few weeks after International Women’s Day comes another holiday intended to celebrate women. According to the most recent data, most mother’s day gifts are purchased by females. With many of us being kept away from our families during the pandemic, and the squeeze of the cost of living crisis, many mother’s days gifts will focus on the theme of indulgence. Gone are the days of purchasing some flowers and chocolates – now, many consumers are looking to purchase their mothers something to demonstrate their appreciation in a much more special way.

Gift personalisation has been an up and coming trend for many years, and thrives on occasion such as mother’s day. 85 per cent of gift purchasers state that personalisation is one of the most significant factors in creating the perfect gift – with that being said, it’s no shock that the personalised gift market is set to reach a value of £32 billion by 2027. When it comes to buying personalised gifts for mother’s day, many consumers will be looking into purchasing gift cards from e-commerce retailers who can add special messages and personal images to their cards. Stats from the National Retail Federation also suggest that flowers, gift cards and clothing are expected to see an uptick in popularity this mother’s day. We also expect to see a surge in the number of celebratory beverages that are purchased online in anticipation of mother’s day, with research from GlobalData indicating that females are more likely to purchase alcoholic beverages on mother’s day.

St. Patrick’s Day

On March 17th, many of us will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. This Irish holiday isn’t just celebrated in Ireland, but has become a global celebration to honour Irish culture – specifically drinking and pub culture. In fact, the National Retail Federation states that the occasion sees a global spend of over £5 billion.

Many e-commerce brands have launched St. Patrick’s Day marketing campaigns in the past, using the recognisable Irish green and shamrock shape in their limited edition products. St. Patrick’s Day is an opportunity for brands across all sectors to utilise this iconography to push sales and time sensitive offers across March. Expect to see shamrock shaped confectionary, limited edition green packaging and lucky giveaways by direct to consumer brands looking to appeal to new customers. If you own an e-commerce beverage brand, St. Patrick’s Day is also a great opportunity to you’re your sales – after all, beer sales surge by 150 per cent for the Irish holiday. Brands with natural products, eco-friendly products, or CBD related products can also take advantage of this quintessentially green holiday to promote their products.

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