Seasonality of D2C – May Edition

Is your e-commerce business ready to take advantage of the opportunities in D2C May has to offer? From World Fair Trade Day to the Eurovision Song Contest, here are the events, themes and trends you need to know about to boost the efficacy of your e-commerce marketing strategy this May. As always Codestorm is here to support your e-fulfilment, pick, pack, postage and personalisation needs, whatever the season.

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Warm Weather Essentials

As the British weather starts to brighten up, many consumers will be looking to splurge on new summer essentials. Whether sitting in their gardens with a glass of wine, or preparing for an exotic summer vacation, your consumers are already envisioning the ways they want to update their summer selection of clothes, shoes and accessories.

The Capgemini Online Retail Index confirms this. Their 2022 figures demonstrate that although e-commerce sales took an overall hit in May, fashion sales increased by 14% overall. Womenswear was especially popular in May 2022 and experienced an uptick in sales of 18%. We anticipate will be even more significant this year considering the combination of Eurovision, the Coronation, and three bank holidays providing ample occasions to purchase new outfits.

Bank Holiday Boost

Bank holiday free-time and a general improvement to the weather will be a catalyst for outdoor activity this May. With 2023 containing three bank holidays on 1st, 8th and 29th, Codestorm anticipate a boost in e-commerce activity surrounding garden and home maintenance. In fact, May is broadly regarded as the best month for gardening. The winter has given way to the vibrancy of summer, providing gardeners with the weather to comfortably work outdoors. Households across the UK have ample opportunity this month to carry out tasks around their home and garden. This spans from mowing the lawn, to weed removal and flower planting.

Eurovision, Royalty and Nationalism

Last month, we spoke about the impact of King Charles III and Queen Camilla’s ascension to the throne and the way the coronation would alter e-commerce spending habits. This month, we’re set to experience another globally recognised celebration of British culture in the form of the Eurovision Song Contest. This yearly exhibition of unity, diversity and creativity will undoubtedly see product types like Food and Beverage surge in popularity as the European continent – and, indeed, the globe – prepare to celebrate one of the most hotly anticipated musical event on earth.

With 180 million viewers expected to tune in for the grand finale. Furthermore, many viewers are likely to attend Eurovision-themed parties, so we expect e-commerce sales in food and beverages to soar. Similarly, as the nation gears up for Eurovision, we anticipate that sales in fancy dress items will increase as Brits attend themed parties. Additionally, technology may also see a sales boost as households upgrade their televisions in anticipation.

Eurovision presents a fantastic opportunity to promote nationalism across products as British viewers eagerly cheer on their act. This is similar to the way that the coronation is set to boost nationalist sentiment. Expect to see red, white and blue, union jacks, and other British-themed symbols this May.

World Fair Trade Day

If your business has Fair Trade certification, or sources its materials, components and ingredients from Fair Trade certified distributors, then you should pay close attention to World Fair Trade Day on May 13th. The occasion celebrates Fair Trade businesses and brings awareness to the progress businesses have made in supporting the economic empowerment of smaller producers. We’re very proud of our partnership with organic and B-Corp certified clients and are well versed in supporting sustainable brands to grow with fulfilment but World Fair Trade Day provides Fair Trade businesses across food, beverage, fashion and accessories sectors the opportunity to highlight their commitment to responsible production, especially as e-commerce consumers become increasingly aware of how vital ethical consumerism is. In fact, ethical consumerism saw the largest yearly boost ever in 2022. The market swelled to £141.6 billion, and Fair Trade consumerism experienced a boost of 14%. This is a testament to the ability of ethical certifications to sway buyer behaviour. If you sell Fair Trade products, support charities, or make efforts to boost the sustainability of your business, May is the month to shout this from the rooftops.

Boost Your E-Commerce Activity This May With Codestorm

May offers an array of unique opportunities to boost your e-commerce sales. By acknowledging the events and trends happening each month and making proactive decisions to integrate these into your business where possible, you can transform the way your e-commerce business functions.

At Codestorm, we are experts in e-commerce fulfilment. We are proud to be trusted by reputable brands such as Candy Kittens, WWF and Unison to provide a reliable, efficient and effective service. With years of experience, we’ve accrued a wealth of knowledge on what makes your customers tick. If you’d like to discuss the way Codestorm can help you transform your e-commerce business, fill out the form below and we will be in contact shortly.

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