Spotlight on Sustainable and Bespoke Packaging

In this month’s blog, Codestorm Account Manager, Alex Eves, talks to Becky Price, DiamondPak’s Business Development Manager.

DiamondPak provides some of Codestorm’s clients such as TRIBE, Peppersmith and OFFBLAK with a comprehensive design, manufacture and printing service covering cardboard shipping boxes, promotional packaging and more intricate, protective packaging solutions.

They have an unrivalled knowledge of bespoke cardboard packaging solutions, especially ones that are environmentally friendly and Alex was keen to learn more about how they are meeting the ever changing needs of their clients.

TRIBE packaging
Alex: There is definitely a move towards packaging made from sustainable materials which can be recycled or composted. Consumers now expect it. What proportion of your clients are taking advantage of the sustainable packaging solutions you provide?

Becky: Being a leading provider of cardboard packaging solutions, we’re proud to say that pretty much everything we produce is fully recyclable. Cardboard is easily recycled back into the production system.

When a consumer recycles a used packaging box, it is converted into pulp and then used to make new cardboard packaging. The cycle is more environmentally friendly than that of our plastic counterparts.

Our clients come from a wide range of industries and we supply all of them with fully recyclable cardboard packaging solutions.

Alex: What sustainable packaging trends do you expect to see in the next 12 months?

Becky: Here at DiamondPak we expect cardboard packaging use to increase further. Our customers are becoming more aware of their responsibilities towards the environment and choose Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified cardboard where possible. FSC cardboard is sourced from sustainable sources and carries all the relevant accredited certification.

There is a push to remove single use plastics from supermarkets, restaurants and online retailing so our clients are actively adopting more environmentally friendly ways to pack the items they ship out to their own customers. We don’t expect this to stop.

FSC Logo
Alex: We hear a lot about customer journey and brand identity from our clients here at Codestorm. Both are now so important but is using bespoke packaging to enhance the customer journey and brand identity really worth it?

Becky: It’s amazing how popular box opening videos are becoming on YouTube and Facebook! Bespoke packaging helps make a statement and can make the recipient feel special.

When you walk into a store you are often greeted by a friendly assistant who adds to the purchasing experience. When you buy online you don’t get this but receiving a decorative package with the WOW factor goes a long way to promoting your brand.

Enhance customer experience
Alex: What has been the most unusual packaging you have been asked to design and produce?

Becky: We have made packaging boxes for car engines, gin advent calendars, fancy handbags, expensive designer clothes, bike wheels and parachutes to name few. The list goes on and on!

Alex: What good examples are there of how packaging personalisation can be used effectively?

Becky: You can add print to your packaging to make it more personal to the recipient and there are two main options.

Flexo print is the cheapest option with printing using one to three colours. One or both sides of the packaging can be printed.

Litho print is more expensive but does give a higher quality finish. You can also use spot UV block foiling and gloss laminating. There are so many high-end finishes available.

It all depends on the customer’s budget though and the look they are aiming to promote.

Some of our edgy customers choose a fully recyclable box with a simple black flexo print as they are trying to promote a rustic finish.

A customer selling high-end handbags opt for a more prestigious looking box. The choice is yours.

OFFBLAK bespoke packaging
Litho print boxes
Alex: Codestorm provides its clients with e-commerce fulfilment services. We know how important it is to fulfil orders accurately and quickly and how postage costs need to be kept in check. How can packaging be used to speed up the fulfilment process and reduce postage costs?
Crash lock boxes

Becky: There are numerous pop-open box designs that are very quick to erect, such as crash-lock boxes which pop open into shape and four or six corner cases which again pop into shape.

It is also possible to add white tape to the boxes so they can be sealed quickly in the packing houses, eliminating the need for tape to be applied externally. They say time is money so if you can save time, you can save money.

Alex: What does the future hold for cardboard packaging?

Becky: Consumers are conscious of the effect single-use plastics are having on our oceans are they want to protect the earth for future generations. This will continue and we believe that making small changes will make a difference globally.

Consumers’ buying habits are set to evolve with an even higher proportion of sales taking place online and being fulfilled by companies like Amazon and other leading e-commerce fulfilment houses like Codestorm. Businesses will need to stand out from the crowd and offer something different. Packaging is a way to do this so we expect the use of bespoke and personalised packaging to rise. It’s worth investing in bespoke packaging which is also sustainable. We all need to do out bit for the environment.

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