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Supplementing your vitamins and supplements brand

With the pandemic encouraging many of to stay indoors and restrict our exposure to vitamin D, many Brits sought to enhance their health with the help of vitamins and supplements. Furthermore, with COVID-19 keeping the nation confined indoors, many vitamins, supplements and health products were purchased online. Now, vitamins and supplements form important parts of our daily routines. They provide targeted boosts to our health, which is increasingly important in the aftermath of the pandemic as wellness sits at the forefront of the public psyche.

Our D2C expertise paired with your game-changing brand can produce meaningful results for your business, all whilst providing the best services for your customers.

Vitamins and Supplements Brands

The needs of the vitamins and supplements sector

Businesses that function within the vitamin and supplement sectors are faced with one core issue: making their often clinical brands stand out. After all, purchasing gut health supplements or effervescent vitamin C isn’t exactly the most exciting task, especially with so many products on the market. This is why many brands have sought to downplay the often alienating and clinical aspects of vitamin and supplement products in favour of promoting products that feel personalised, and even fun. Now, the days of self-diagnosing deficiencies and hoping that all-in-one supplements will lead to better health are gone. Instead, online businesses provide guidance for customers that make bettering your health feel far from arduous, and keeps customers coming back again and again.

At Codestorm, we’ve provided vitamins and supplements e-commerce fulfilment expertise to our clients for many years. Our world-class direct to consumer fulfilment, expert customer service and ability to personalise your packages can truly accelerate business growth. We produce an experience for your customers that doesn’t feel dull and clinical, but truly gets them excited about starting their path to better health and rivals what many consumers have come to expect from their online shopping experiences.


Codestorm are proud to be the trusted D2C e-commerce distributors for the following vitamin and supplement brands:

Vitl - Health and Wellness Brands

Vitl have paved the way for health-conscious Brits to experience the best in tailored vitamin and supplement packages. They sell a subscription-based service that provides their clients with precisely what they need, when they need it. Since joining us, Vitl have been able to boost their profits thanks to Codestorm’s industry-leading postal prices that have ensured their customers receive great value products and great service that keeps them coming back for their next vit hit!


Unlike traditional bottled water brands, Actiph believe that each sip you take of H2O should be packed full of even more goodness! Their pH-optimised drinks and vitamin-infused beverages are distributed through Codestorm with customer-facing free delivery and our top-tier customer service.

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How we do it

The power of LINK

LINK is Codestorm’s secret weapon for accelerating growth for our partner businesses. The platform is able to give you live updates on your inventory and stock, allowing you to make lightning-fast responses that will drive your business without pesky delays. You’ll also be able to track every delivery from the moment it leaves our warehouse, to the moment it arrives. You’ll be informed about where your deliveries are at all times.

Our platform integrates seamlessly with major e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, eBay, Amazon and more. This grants you insights into which platforms are driving your business forward, and what aspects of your business require improvement. As a resuly, you’ll achieve optimal visibility and make the most informed business decisions possible. Better yet, you can get started with LINK in as little as 24 hours. That means less downtime, quicker onboarding, and better results. The future of your business can truly be at your fingertips with the power of LINK!

Connect all your sales channels, brands and product groups in one place

See and control all orders in one, simple to use platform

See all your data from order notification to despatch in real time

Manage and control all your inventory including batches in real time

Automatically connect to the best value shipping services

Control and edit order personalisation with powerful integration

Track, report and notify customers simply with inbuilt communications

Understand and get ahead of exception tracking

See live SLA, tracking, billing and spend data on demand in real time

Direct mail services for membership and subscription based online businesses

Growing your vitamins and supplements business

If you want to get your vitamin and supplement business off the ground or hope to accelerate your existing growth, we recommend utilizing a direct-to-consumer distribution company like Codestorm! Here are three reasons why D2C distribution is vital for your business growth:

  1. Our large warehouse capacity will grow alongside your business. This will ensure that you spend less time worrying about scaling your business, and more time reinvesting in your company. This ensures sustainable business growth and allows you to focus on your broader business objectives.
  2. D2C distributors have access to the very best postal deals, which allows you to cut costs without compromising on service. At Codestorm, we’re proud to have the best deals in the business thanks to our strong relationships with postal companies.
  3. By using an e-commerce distributor, you automatically put your customer’s experience first. That means you will have more control over your brand’s messaging and consumer engagement by taking out the middleman.

Catapult your vitamins and supplements e-commerce fulfilment with Codestorm

Let Codestorm take the hassle out of your vitamins and supplements e-commerce fulfilment. Our expert team are here to help you grow your business with better, smarter, more efficient e-commerce solutions.

For more information on the way Codestorm can improve your direct to consumer business, simply book a demo. We’d be delighted to show you how easy it is to take control of your entire fulfilment process.