What is D2C Fulfilment?

What is D2C fulfilment?

At Codestorm, we’re experts on Direct to Consumer Fulfilment and how vital it is for business growth. We’ve been supporting some of the UK’s brightest D2C brands streamline and optimise their processes with our pioneering e-fulfilment solution, LINK. This enables organisations from Food and Beverage, FMCG, Health, Membership and more to fulfil their orders, and their potential. With e-commerce becoming increasingly popular and growing at an exponential rate, many businesses are considering D2C models to amplify their growth and simplify their procedures. In this piece, we’ll be running you through everything you need to know about D2C Fulfilment. This spans from understanding what it is, why it’s popular, and how vital it is to choose a reputable fulfilment partner.

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What is D2C?

Firstl, what exactly is D2C? In short, D2C stands for ‘direct to consumer’, meaning that there are no intermediaries involved in the fulfilment process. This results in a more streamlined system of operations by doing away with distributors, retailers, and wholesalers. This is because D2C fulfilment sees ordered items picked, packed and posted directly to the customer.

The ‘D2C’ model is based on digital platforms such as E-comm websites, Amazon, Shopify, Etsy and others as opposed to physical storefronts. This justifies its meteoric rise in popularity over the pandemic, with retail websites generating 22 billion visits at the height of lockdown. Although this model thrived during the pandemic, that’s not to say that its popularity is waning post-COVID. Social media is constantly heralding D2C marketing and is proving more influential than SEO as a means of reaching audiences. Furthermore, direct-to-consumer operations can help businesses manage their costs by amplifying their digital presence in some cases reducing their reliance on their physical shopfront, saving on ever-increasing commercial costs. Whilst many brands choose to adopt a hybrid retail and D2C model many, including many new start-ups, are opting directly for D2C.

Why choosing the right D2C partner matters

For those that choose to pursue the D2C model, it is imperative that you choose the right D2C fulfilment partner, especially if you’re planning for business growth. E-commerce is developing at such an accelerated rate and is set to account for 34.5% of all retail revenues by next year. Therefore, businesses simply cannot risk partnering with fulfilment companies that can’t keep up with the rapid nature of e-commerce. Data shows that any errors made by fulfilment companies are, in 94% of cases, blamed directly on the retailer. In brief, lacklustre D2C fulfilment service can reflect very poorly on your business.

What’s more, if you want repeat custom, your fulfilment partner best be performing well. Zendesk has reported that 80% of customers will shop with a competitor after one bad experience with an e-commerce company. Your business’ reputation and public perception are very dependent on how adept your D2C fulfilment company is. Although this may seem unfair, consumers value delivery highly which organisations get wrong at their peril.

The nature of D2C fulfilment means that your relationship with your customers becomes much closer, making it simpler for you to engage with your customers. Removing the middlemen from your processes puts you in better stead to interact with the consumer, amplifying customer satisfaction. However, choosing a reputable D2C fulfilment partner is key to ensuring that customer communication is as positive as possible: delays with customer feedback or queries can result in damage to your businesses reputation and, as we have already seen, the vast majority of people will blame your brand rather than your fulfilment partner. Real-time order reporting and live data can make a huge difference to the smooth running of a D2C operation. That’s why having a company like Codestorm on board to help you, monitor, track and control volumes of orders across multiple platforms creates a huge competitive advantage.

Good D2C fulfilment helps you to respond to your customers’ every need and ensures that your business has an advantage over your competitors by providing personable, reliable customer service which extends beyond merely purchasing a product. This leaves a lasting impression after the sale has been completed. It’s more than worth noting too that a good D2C fulfilment partner will also be able to support you with best-in-class stock control, and postage costs and of course help you make sure your goods are out to your customers on time, every time. This is a delivery of your brand, not just a box.

How Can Codestorm Help?

At Codestorm, not only have we supported some of the UK’s brightest e-commerce brand’s growth in D2C, we have something that other e-commerce fulfilment services don’t – LINK. LINK is our pioneering platform which connects your sales channels, brands, and product groups. This allows you to track your progress and see all of your data in one place. With real-time tracking, SLA and billing integration, Codestorm has the tools you need to help you manage your business, all in one place. We are proud to have delivered over 9.8 million items in 2021 alone for our clients. This includes Tarquins Gin, Tribe and Candy Kittens, and we have watched them grow and expand with our help.

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