When Is The Time To Upgrade Fulfilment Provider?

As your business grows from strength to strength, your operations will undoubtedly have to adapt to keep your level customer service at its optimum. One of the primary ways in which businesses will adapt is through the upgrade of their fulfilment provider – as one of the nation’s leading fulfilment providers, Codestorm work with growing brands every day to create industry leading D2C e-commerce fulfilment, so we understand exactly what it takes to deliver exceptional service, but we also hear the pains and challenges that business leaders, operations directors and logistics managers face when dealing with poor execution so we understand precisely what issues they’re facing and what drives them towards their decision to upgrade fulfilment provider.

In our experience, our clients choose to move to Codestorm’s leading e-commerce fulfilment services for one of three reasons. Firstly, their business is growing fast. Secondly, their in-house facilities cannot keep up. Lastly, their existing provider is not providing an adequate level of service or reporting.

Accelerating Business Growth

Watching your business growth accelerate is immensely satisfying, but can come with some logistical difficulties. More orders means more stock to deliver, which means more hands (and boxes of course) are needed to distribute your products whilst keeping the quality of your services high. This is why many businesses choose outsource their fulfilment operations to a dedicated provider such as Codestorm to professionally handle what can quickly become often overwhelming order volumes. Dedicated e-commerce fulfilment providers are able to handle the most vital stages in the customer journey – fulfilling orders and providing immediate real time data to support your in house after-care for returns and queries – whilst growing businesses focus on other pressing issues such as developing new products, hiring new staff and ordering new stock.

Small In-House Facilities

Another side-effect of swift business growth is the need for more physical space to store stock and packaging, as well as needing a larger facility to house your growing number of employees.  This can be as a new contract or new business partner, which accelerates the need to use in house space in a different way, such as increasing production and developing new products. Many of our clients have also chosen to utilise their facility space in a different way as their business develops, meaning that they have less space for storage and stock – some may convert areas into office spaces, communal spaces, or use the room to store stock for upcoming side businesses. As businesses look to retain talented staff and create genuine communities bringing employees together in a single location can be a vital ingredient and ultimately can take priority over storage space that could well be outsourced.

By upgrading your fulfilment provider or choosing to move from in-house operations to outsourcing, businesses and teams alike will not only have more hands on deck to keep your operations running smoothly, but you will likely have access to more storage space to keep your stock.

Wanting More From Your Provider

As your business develops and your needs change, many e-commerce businesses find that they aren’t receiving what they want from their existing fulfilment provider, which can result in poor customer satisfaction that reflects poorly on your business. Whilst it can be difficult to pinpoint issues in service, especially if your provider is meeting agreed SLA’s but common challenges might be limitations in reporting, poor or limited stock control, length of time from order to despatch or, and this will always be the most telling – customers are unhappy with delivery times or experiencing delays. After all, if you aren’t receiving the right level of service from your fulfilment provider, how can you expect them to provide your customers with the level of service they deserve? This can result in a lack of trust between provider, business and customer, and can even see you lose valued customers in the long-run.

Many of Codestorm’s clients have transferred their fulfilment operations to us because we provide a comprehensive package of services that other providers cannot boast, such as:


Reporting is one of the most important aspects of e-commerce fulfilment. That’s because detailed reporting is a great way to understand your performance and alter your functions accordingly to optimise your results. Being able to quickly obtain detailed and relevant reports is imperative for any business, which is why we’ve created a tailored reports dashboard to ensure that you can see all of the metrics you need to measure your performance.

              Visibility of orders

Our pioneering LINK platform provides unrivalled order visibility at any time, no matter where you are. With end to end tracking and regular updates, you’ll be able to track all of your orders hassle-free.

              Postal rates

Fluctuating and increasingly high postal rates can hinder your businesses’ ability to make consistent profits. Ultimately, postal and parcel couriers rates are a necessary part of any e-commerce fulfilment but whilst rates may be increasing Codestorm’s expert team work with you and your product specifications to ensure that you’re optimising your postal providers and rates for maximum value.  Volume can also play a huge part in ensuring the most competitive postal rates. At Codestorm, we leverage our order volumes to help you reduce your postage costs.

              Account Management

When outsourcing your e-commerce fulfilment to professional D2C fulfilment provider like Codestorm, it can feel like you’re losing sight and visibility of your data but nothing could be further from the reality. A good D2C e-commerce partner like Codestorm, with experienced account management and extensive technology and people tools will help you to see more than ever before, keep with Codestorm, you remain in total control of each and every order that is placed, allowing you to alter, cancel, delay and delete orders as you see fit and benefit from extensive account management too.


Unlike many fulfilment providers, Codestorm have the technology and capacity to handle personalised and custom orders on behalf of our clients. It’s a critical trend in e-commerce and one that consumers have become increasingly accustomed to. By working closely with your brand whether that’s one or many and across all your SKU’s, your fulfilment provider should be able to deal with customisable and personalised orders whilst keeping your core brand identity intact.

              24hour and next day delivery

With competitors such as Amazon being able to deliver products within just 24 hours with their Prime memberships, many of our clients have chosen to make next day delivery and other expedited delivery options one of their priorities to secure new and return customers. Codestorm’s large team of fulfilment staff are able to pick, pack and distribute products with diligence and speed. Despite this, we always maintain the highest level of accuracy.

So when you’re thinking about whether now is the right time to change fulfilment provider it’s a good time to think not just about what you and your brand need to do today but also what the trends and needs of the future may be.


As your company and aspirations grow, you’ll find yourself wanting to collaborate with similarly innovative businesses. At Codestorm, we’re constantly pushing boundaries to make our service better. We want to make our clients proud to be part of our e-commerce fulfilment family. From collaborating with HIVED, the first mass-market emission-free delivery network, to integrating with a range of platforms such as eBay, WooCommerce, Shopify and more, we’re pushing boundaries in the realm of e-commerce fulfilment.

Looking to upgrade fulfilment provider?

Get in touch with Codestorm’s team for more information on how we can give your fulfilment process a boost.

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